Valencia Holidays

Valencia Holidays – For Sunning and Exploring Great Architecture

On the banks of Turia River, the vibrant city of Valencia dating back to Roman era is located. It is the third largest city in Spain, after Barcelona and Madrid. This popular tourist destination in Europe attracts millions of people on a holiday. The beaches along the coast have always proved to be impeccable for sunning.  It boasts historic center, dramatic beaches, unique culinary delights and numerous attractions. This wonderful city is home to great architecture, ceramics, Paella and the city of arts and sciences. Moreover, the climate is pleasant where it provides great space to relax and involve in water sports on Valencia Holidays. Accordingly the destination provides great accommodation options to pleasure seekers. Ensure while planning a Cheap Holidays to Valencia that below mentioned attractions are included in the best things to do list.

Best Things to do on Valencia Holidays

Best Beaches

The sunny coast of Valencia is home to fantastic beaches. Some are family friendly and few other meet the requirement of rowdy nightlife. In conclusion Valencia Holidays caters to all tastes. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach or dance with the sea waves, the Blue flagged beaches offer excellent options. During summer months the beaches are quite busy. In addition, the destination is a perfect year round destination. You can travel at any point of time in a year. If you want to enjoy seafront views on your stay, there are some beachfront hotels at budget friendly prices. The top beaches that you should explore on Holidays to Valencia comprise Las Arenas Beach, La Malvarrosa Beach, Patacona Beach, El Saler Beach and many more. All the beaches are easily accessible and some are flanked by the best hotels.

Best Attractions

Valencia’s outskirt attracts large scale tourists every year. The city of Arts and Science, located is impressive with modern architecture. This futuristic building is a great learning center and a fantastic place to discover on Holidays to Valencia. Here, plenty of science and art exhibitions takes place every here. It is one of the top attractions in entire Spain. It is completely an educational experience, if you are travelling with your kids. The colorful celebration of comes to life in the March during Las Fallas festival. The large sized creations of creative colors will be on streets. They literally offer a visual treat to thrill seekers. In addition, you should explore Oceanografic Valencia, La Lonja de Seda, Mercado Central, Catedral de Valencia, Bioparc Valencia and more.

Valencia Food

Valencia is the birthplace of national favorite Paella. The dish was developed here since Moorish times, now it is the top cuisine, possibly popular across the world, It is prepared with rice, Seafood or rabbit, chicken and other varieties. It is available almost in every corner of the Spain. But, tasting in this city gives you the most authentic and original flavors. The other prominent dishes worth trying comprise Spanish Tapas, Fideua, All i pebre, Arròs a banda, Esgarraet, Bunyols and more.

In addition to above mentioned attractions, there are plenty of interesting places worth exploring on Valencia Holidays. For more savings and offers dial 0203 598 4727.

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