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Uncover the Timeless Magic on Corfu Holidays

Some destinations help you create great memories. You will not have any words to describe such magical moments. Corfu Holidays come under the purview of few attractions, where you cannot describe the beauty and warmth that you receive on a vacation. But, make your vacation a memorable experience in your lifetime. This fascinating Greek Island features fantastic beaches, historical attractions and extravagant food. In addition, the destination provides gorgeous accommodation options for pleasure seekers. This post includes some of the interesting places that you should discover on a cheap holidays to Corfu.

Best Things to do on Corfu Holidays – Explore Colorful Culture

Corfu occupies a unique position when it comes to celebration during the Easter period. Numerous travelers flock to the island to take part in the eve of Easter. Irrespective of religious preference people take part in the celebration. The event is all about the spiritual identity, great culture, music and customs of the society. Those who love to see the great beauty of Greek life on Corfu holidays. The Squares of Spianada and Liston, exhibit the procession Orchestra performance takes place commemorating ancestors. They are also known as funeral marches. After the news of resurrection, the entire ambiance vibrates with music and pots are thrown out of balconies. People collect the pieces of botis as a token, for an auspicious new year.

Kerkyra Town

The historic town of Corfu is in the eastern side of Coast; its narrow lanes are packed with best restaurants, bars and shops. Going further you will find museums and churches. Andivouniótissa is one of the excellent museums which exhibit the masterpieces of Byzantine times. A holiday to Corfu means a great learning experience for pleasure seekers. There is an Asian Art Museum which depicts beautiful artwork of Asia. Besides, explore the Venetian fort build during medieval times. Also, enjoy some best views from the fort.

Canal D’Amour

Sidari is the most popular resort town on Corfu Island. Sandstone cliffs take unusual shapes on the beachside, eventually making the coast a dramatic landscape. In contrast, to the regular beaches, the coast is impressive with amazing landscape. According to the legend, if you swim through the waters, you will find your lover. Adding great beauty to the beach, the destination is ideal for snorkeling and fun-filled adventure. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Corfu, ensure that you do not miss this place in must things to do list.

Paleokastritsa Monastery

The monastery of Theotokos is one of the most popular attractions on the island. Located in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, the exteriors feature the best architecture. This structure was built during medieval times. Still, the monastery features great architecture and glorious views of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are plenty of interesting places that you should explore on Corfu Holidays, along with the attractions, some best restaurants to taste the authentic Greek food with rich flavors.

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