Turkey Beach Holidays

Turkey Beach Holidays – Enjoy the Dazzling Blues of Mediterranean Sea

Turkey is a wonderful combination of vibrant cultures and numerous ancient sites. Many powering civilizations paraded this ancient land and created their everlasting impression. Since the ancient Greek era until the flourishing era of Byzantines, there are several landmark sights worth exploring on Turkey Beach Holidays. But, above all the magnetic effect of beaches stuns you with surreal landscapes. The most appealing beaches apart from fun in the Sun encourage a wide array of activities. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the dazzling blues of the Mediterranean Sea, then book Cheap Holidays to Turkey now.

Turkey Beach Holidays – Gorgeous Beaches

Kabak Beach

Kabak is one of the gorgeous beaches to explore in Lycia. To reach the beach, you must be prepared for hiking way of cliffs; this would be a perfect breathtaking experience for pleasure seekers. A little effort would expose you to the most enjoyable views of scenic surroundings. The impressive views over the pines down towards glorious Blues of Mediterranean Sea offer phenomenal views. The serene atmosphere makes up a dramatic setting for beach holidays. Furthermore, the destination has a warm Mediterranean climate, where you can comfortably book Turkey Beach Holidays for your next getaway. 

Kaputas Beach

Towering cliffs add great beauty to Kaputas Beach; its calm and serene waters further give otherworldly appeal to pleasure seekers. Snorkeling and Swimming are the top activities along the shores. If you are after Best Beach Holidays in Turkey, there would not be any other destination other than Kaputas. It is well-equipped with a wide range of facilities and amenities to serve holidaymakers. You must take some around 170 steps down to reach the beach. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to serve you extravagant local food. Above all, if you want to enjoy scenic surroundings, there are plenty of yachts and boats, to take you a long way in the serene waters. Probably, it would be the best lifetime experience on your beach holidays. 

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Charming Cleopatra Beach, located on the foothills of Alanya Castle, it is the wonderful beach destination to discover on Turkey Beach Holidays. Moreover, its soft sands and crystal clear waters create a vibrant atmosphere for swimming. The old castle, with an imposing look, takes you back to the medieval era. Interestingly, the Carribean style of culture keeps your holiday spirits high. If you are after some classic beach holiday, Alanya provides you with numerous beach options, a fantastic place to discover on vacation.

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is the jewel in the crown of the ancient port city of Antalya. Seven kilometers long sandy beach is equipped with fine elements to keep you entertained on all aspects. Whether you want to go crazy with the young crowd or immerse in the natural beauty of the coast, Turkey Beach Holidays provides you with exceptional choices and activities. Moreover, the beach is flanked by restaurants and clubs to keep you occupied with numerous activities. It is the most popular beaches in Antalya, perfectly fits the requirements of families and couples equally. 

Patara Beach

Everyone may not be comfortable with crowds. For them, tranquil and secluded Patara Beach provides the perfect way to immerse in natural beauty. It is exactly located near the tranquil village of the Lycian way (the world’s longest trekking route from Antalya to Fethiye). It is one of the best seaside ways worth exploring on Holidays to Turkey. Its unique historical and ecological importance makes beach holidays, a memorable experience. There are plenty of landmark sights worth exploring on Turkey Holidays

Cirali Beach

Verdant mountains make up the scenic background of unspoiled Cirali beach. The serene and tranquil atmosphere, in this curved beach containing pebbles and crystal clear waters, make your vacation a superb experience. Its lesser crowd creates a perfect setting for recreational activities. Further, music and water sports make your vacation a blissful experience. For chilling and thrilling adventures, Cirali beach makes your days more enthusiastic. Above all, Turkey Holidays immerses you in the great beauty of nature, enriches your holiday experience.


Ovabuku is the magical engineering of nature. Its Cobalt blue seas, natural scenery, and dramatic landscape never let you down. Above all, the gorgeous town filled with medieval charm, restaurants, and pines keeps you intact with a wide range of activities. Furthermore, the freshness of hillside makes your surroundings more appealing. More than beaches, its cosmopolitan vibe makes your vacation a bit exciting on your Beach Holidays to Turkey.

Icmeler Beach

Icemeler, the most renowned beach in Marmaris stuns you with magical landscapes. Its magnetic appeal, extravagant food culture keeps you occupied on a holiday. Immerse in the magical landscape of Icmeler beach with your loved ones. Mount to new heights through hiking on the hillside on Turkey Holidays. Apart from regular beachside, the fishing village engages with the best restaurants serve you extravagant local food. Overall, it would be a lifetime experience. 


Oludeniz, permeating the Blue Lagoon is the great spot to immerse in natural beauty. It is the most noteworthy attraction in Turkey. The major reason for its popularity is tranquility. In addition, shallow waters and serene ambiance provides enough space to merge with natural beauty. Furthermore, the natural landscape of Turkey keeps you occupied with numerous activities. Above all, it is a great place to spot loggerhead turtles.

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