Agadir Holidays

Top Things to do on Agadir Holidays

Agadir is attractive facing the glorious Atlantic Ocean. Situated on the foothills of Atlas Mountain, this lovely city makes a fantastic holiday destination. Furthermore, this resort is also an amazing place to taste some extravagant food and golf playing. Even more than attractions climate is pleasant in this resort town of Morocco. Book your Cheap Holidays to Agadir, anytime. Probably, you will get the best accommodation in this scenic resort town. Agadir is not just destination, it is a great inspiration. It was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1960’s. Despite that presently, it stands as a top holiday destination. Here is the brief elaboration of top things to do on Agadir Holidays. 

Top Attractions on Agadir Holidays

The ancient fortress overlooks the beautiful town. This noteworthy attraction is visible from a very long distance of the town. A guided tour will cover Kasbah and plenty of museums. In the meantime, you will understand the glorious history of the region. The tour also includes a visit to the popular souk al Had and port of the town.

In addition, you can cover Marrakesh, the most attractive city of Morocco. You can also plan trips to the desert area, to enjoy sunset views on a Holiday to Agadir. The other major attractions comprise Valee de Oiseaux, bird life sanctuary and touring on a Petit Train.

More than Beach Holidays

In contrast to natural disaster, Agadir beaches shine with crystal clear waters. Furthermore, the world-class maintenance draws visitors. They are also well equipped with some fine restaurants. Pamper your taste buds with extravagant food. 

Book a beachfront hotel on your Cheap Holidays to Agadir and make the glorious sea your best friend. If you walk along the beach for some time, certainly you end up seeing the beautiful Kasbah. From there, if you move towards the opposite side, you will find the magnificent Royal Palace.

Wonderful Shopping Experience

Souks are traditional markets of Moroccan culture. Probably, they are the best places to buy some valuable souvenirs. Unlike, the mall culture, you will not find any consistent price over there. You must use some bargain skills to buy ornaments, shoes, clothes and anything of your interest.

Food in Agadir

Fish Tagine is the popular dish available in Agadir. You must not skip any seafood varieties, as they are available at low costs. Beachfront eateries are best places to taste the most authentic Moroccan food.

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