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7 Top Mediterranean Destinations for Beach Holidays

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The Mediterranean is calling….And the Beach is waiting!

Let the Sea set you free…!!!

The mention of the Mediterranean brings to mind the deep blue waters and white stretches of powdery sand. Spread for miles and miles, millions flock to the sun-kissed coasts of the Mediterranean every year. The balmy climate ensures a bountiful beach experience. Either to tan up in the sun or swim in the shallow waters, the blue flag beaches offer fantastic facilities and amenities. The kids can go gaga at the theme parks, water parks, and water sports. However, the adrenaline junks can do snorkeling to discover the shipwrecks and swim with the dolphins. And also, the couple can walk hand in hand on the soft white sands by watching the sun going into the sea from the sky. Above all, a boat trip to the nearby island or even to a more secluded cove will fill romance in life on the sea.

Hence, pack the beachwear, sunscreen, and hat for spectacular Beach Holidays on the mesmerizing Mediterranean.

Mellieha Bay, Malta

This 125 square kilometers Island makes the most meticulous beach destination on the Mediterranean Sea. Set perfectly for a holiday, this island country woos the world with shimmering coast, spectacular landscapes and rich wealth of history. Furthermore, its sister isles Gozo and Comino offer traditional wine and serene settings of nature. And the fortified 16th-century capital city of Valletta is a historic marvel on the globe. Indeed, it is a great place to explore magnificent museums, beautiful churches, and gardens. Hop on either Mellieha Bay or the Golden Bay for an entertaining beach experience in life.

Elafonisi in Crete, Greece

Greece has several gorgeous destinations along the Mediterranean coast. In fact, the colorful stretches of sand offer paradisiacal experience on a holiday. Crete is the largest and the most charming island in Greece. From pink to gray to white, the beaches of Crete look straight out from the covers of a glossy magazine. And also, water sports, adventure sports, hiking, trekking, and cruising give complete holiday experience. Hit the pink sand beach of Elafonisi on the Crete Beach Holidays. And also, visit the old quarter of Chania. This indeed is a great destination for a history buff. The adventurists can take on the longest route in Europe for hiking at Samaria George.

Praia de Falesia, Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful destination to hit on the golden sands at the backdrop of rock formations on a holiday. Stretching between Olhos de Agua and Vilamoura, the Praia de Falesia is the most beautiful beach in the region. Above all, the cute little coves provide peaceful and cozy times on Portugal Beach Holidays. Apart from sun and tan, there is a wide range of water sports and hiking trails to live on in Portugal.

Cala Mitjaneta, Menorca, Spain

The mainland Spain and its spectacular islands are real paradises on earth for the beach bums to revel on. Cala Mitjaneta is a beautiful spot on the island of Menorca. Here, the shallow and secluded cove ignites the William Wordsworth in you on Beach Holidays in Spain. This is a splendid spot to stay at peace with swimming and snorkeling.

Costa Rei, Sardinia, Italy

Located on the east coast of Sardinia, Costa Rei is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. The fine stretches of white sand interrupted by small rocks make it a heavenly destination to hit on for a beach day. Famous with both the locals and tourists, this beach is voted as one of the best in online polls. In fact, this is an idyllic beach for families with children. The shallow waters are safe for the younger kids to swirl and splash in the waters. The promenade lined up with beach bars and restaurants come to life when the sunsets on Italy Beach Holidays.

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece

The island-shaped by volcanic crater is one of the most picturesque places on earth. The whitewashed cubiform houses clinging to the cliffs with the deep azure sea in front makes this place look out of this planet. Also known as Vlychada, Red Beach is the most famous beach on this island. Apart from the beaches, Santorini produces quality wines. Hence, never leave the island without sampling down few varieties on Santorini Beach Breaks.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The beautiful capital of Croatia is a spellbinding destination on the Mediterranean. In fact, Game of Thrones series is shot at this place. The city has sandy beaches as well as pebbled ones. With medieval monuments, castles, and palaces along with great architecture and ambiance, Dubrovnik has turned into a tourism hotspot on the Mediterranean. And also, taking a cable car to Mt Srd gives breathtaking views of the city, spectacular landscape and the sea. However, the centrally located Banje Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia for magical Beach Breaks.

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