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Top Attractions in Fuerteventura Holidays

Top Attractions in Fuerteventura Holidays

The jewel, Fuerteventura is the oldest and second largest of Canary Island. Though situated close to the African continent it retains the Spanish culture. Fuerteventura Holidays offers plenty natural and cultural attractions. From bountiful beaches to stunning nightlife it has everything. The popularity of the Fuerteventura beaches is increasing, thereby attracting many tourists every year. It is the perfect way to spend your Holidays in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura Holidays is home to some wonderful landscapes. Drifting amidst Atlantic waters, its volcanic essence offers you surreal views and soul-captivating experience.

Here are our Top Attractions in Fuerteventura Holidays 

1. Hit the Beach

Fuerteventura Holidays is home to some of Europe’s most impressive stretches with stunning white sands. Located in the north west of the island, El Cotillo Beach & Lagoons was voted as the 4th beautiful beach of Europe. Although it is a tourist resort, it is a serene and peaceful place to escape. The beaches there are best suitable to the children with shallow waters and also attract surfers. Beaches there provide a lot of adventurous sports. Many restaurants and cafes can be found there serving fresh and delicious fish.

2. Lajares – The Artisan Village

A ten minute drive from the tourist town in the Corralejo, Lajares is a small village. The first thing you will be astonished for is the football stadium. Yes, you heard it right the village has a huge football stadium built in 1990. Another tourist attraction is the local lace shop ‘Artisania Lajares’ where you can see women making laces out of embroidery. Many tourist stop here to buy these handicrafts and some refreshments. There are many handicrafts sold here that depicts the Spanish culture rightly. The village also boasts a wrestling ground where you can actually witness the wrestlers.

3. Acua Water Park (Corralejo)

Located in Corralejo, Acua Water Park is a cultural and entertainment center. It is one of the most popular theme parks with numerous attractions like the slides, Jacuzzis, wave pools, mini-golf, sandy solarium and others. It is an ideal spot for some refreshment in the summers. The theme park attracts both locals and tourist and a huge crowd can be seen on weekends. The park also has medical facilities and a rescue team in case of emergencies. A day at Acua Water Park on your Fuerteventura Holidays will be a great idea.

4. Maxi Power Sailing

On your Fuerteventura Holidays, enjoy the 3-hour sailing adventure activity and experience the world of professional race on board. Whether an amateur or experienced sailor, you will have a remarkable time on this magnificent, totally renovated sailing boat. It has one of the biggest yachts ever built for the competition. Make the most of this experience, assisted by professional skippers.

5. Visit the Salt Museum

Fuerteventura Holidays has of a whole museum dedicated to the history of salt and rows of neat white beds. The Salinas beside the museum are the actual point of attraction there. It will be soothing to explore the path of the salians and fascinating enough the scan the salt. It is the first museum to let the visitors see how the salt is extracted. A cafe and shop is also located there, from where you can buy salts at real low prices.

Fascinated enough with the beaches, sailing experience and the historical sites. Wait no longer! Make your bookings now. To know more about Fuerteventura Holidays call at 0203 883 2847.

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