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Top Attractions to Explore on Bodrum Holidays

Planning a holiday is not mere sightseeing, it literally shapes human experience. There are few destinations that create an everlasting impression. Bodrum Holidays comes under the list of such destinations which has the potential to draw you again and again. This article highlights the top attractions that you need to explore while planning a Cheap Holiday to Bodrum.

Things to do on Bodrum Holidays

Castle of St Peter

Castle of St Peter has always remained in the top place in the best thing to do list. One of the major reasons is its historical prominence. Built during medieval times, it has towers dedicated to French and English. It also underwent many changes over the rein of different rulers. Ottomans under the rule of Suleiman constructed mosque inside the castle. If cover this sight on Bodrum Holidays, it gives you a glimpse of the glorious past of Turkey.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Probably, visiting the Museum of Underwater Archaeology would be a learning experience. Located inside the St. Peter Castle, the museum exhibits artifacts excavated from the sea. A Holiday to Bodrum goes meaningless if you do not explore the vast collection. French tower, Greek ship and many treasures are on display. There are plenty of articles dating back to Bronze Age.


Here you can find the ruins and ancient marbles. Certainly, the area takes you back to ancient times. This spot was the noteworthy of early era and considered as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It is an impressive sight of ancient times. An earthquake destroyed the structure, finally, the remaining by Knights Hospitallers

Bodrum Theatre

The Bodrum theatre dates back to Roman times, but it is fully preserved in Turkey. Built during the fourth century, it offers stunning views. It can accommodate around 13,000 spectators. Therefore, it is the must-visit site, to explore the grandness of some brilliant architecture.

Marina and Shipyard

The most fascinating thing about Bodrum is crystal clear waters of the glorious Mediterranean sea. Furthermore, the destination is quite popular for yachting experience. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Bodrum, ensure that you have an arrangement for yachting. You can get closer to plenty of islands and hidden coves on a ride.

Old town

Above all, the old town of Bodrum gives the most traditional outlook. In contrast, much of the resort town is modernized. This fishing village is incredible with alleyways, plenty of boutiques and cafes. Furthermore, you will discover many charming places on a Bodrum Holiday.

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