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Top 7 Amazing Things to Do on Crete Holidays

Crete Holidays

Crete is the fifth-largest island of Greece. Home to the ancient Minoan civilization, this large island is steeped in history, culture, myths, and legends. It offers spectacular beaches, outstanding landmarks, rugged mountains, gorgeous countryside, as well as awesome Greek food. Explore the lively cities as well as small beautiful traditional villages on Crete Holidays that provide myriad things to do. However, being a part of Greece, it has a different cultural aspect and food scene. With splendid archaeological sites and fortresses, Crete has become a very popular holiday destination. Furthermore, a mix of popular attractions, it suits to all diverse tastes. Uncover the hidden gems in Crete and make a wonderful vacation.

Elaffonissi Beach

Elaffonissi beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world. It comprises a nature reserve on the channel located between the mainland and Elaffonissi. Moreover, the beaches and its dunes are famous for pink sand. The water is clear shallow and lagoon-like. Furthermore, it offers an enormous natural pool that is perfect for a paddle in shinning water. Explore this wonderful beach on Holidays to Crete for ideal beach times. The beautiful sand, turquoise water and azure sky make this beach fascinating. Above all, the mountainous view of the southwest coast adorns the beauty of this place.

The Palace of Knossos

This spot is a few km south of Crete’s modern capital of Heraklion. Knossos is a palace and the most important archeological site in Crete. Moreover, this palace shows a pre-Greek Bronze Age culture and the first maritime power in the Mediterranean. It was built something around 3,000 years ago and attributes in Greek mythology as the seat of King Minos. Check out its reception courtyard where the royal family entertained the guests. Furthermore, explore the Throne Room, a section of the Royal Way, as well as the Royal Apartments.

Archaeological Museum

If you want to understand the oldest civilization in Europe, then you walk around the outstanding archaeological museum of Heraklion. Indeed, it contains the biggest collection of Minoan artifacts. Furthermore, it has 20 rooms in chronological order. It contains the rooms of jewelry, liturgical figurines, vases, weapons, and armour. The entire fresco has been changed to the museum.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is a wonderful place for hiking. Walking this ravine from the Omalos Plateau will give you a unique experience on All-Inclusive Holidays to Crete. This 16-kilometer hike starts at a viewing platform at the bottom of a circuitous path and wooden steps. Furthermore, you’ll find a narrow stretch on the way of the ravine that named the Iron Gates where the gorge tapers to only 4 meters across. Catch sight of kri-kri, a type of feral goat while hiking.

Balos Beach

It is the most gorgeous touristy beach. And this is one of the top things to do in Crete. Certainly, it is also one of the best beaches in Crete. Located on the very western tip of Crete past Kissamos, this beach provides a stunning view. Spend a day here and get a relaxing, cool and idealistic atmosphere on Cheap Holidays to Crete. No doubt, it is the must-visit beach in Crete.

The Caves

Discover many caves around the Greek island of Crete, these are indeed captivating. The caves include natural landscapes and hidden history. One can know the history of caves by visiting them; some are open for the public that boasts beautiful scenery. The Melidoni, Sfentoni and Dhiktean Caves are the most amazing in Crete. Explore the wonderful cave system and find several stalactites and stalagmites.

The food

Taste some Greek food that is amazing. Savor thCretan salad is indeed delicious. Apart from this, there are also many tasty meat dishes to sample. Drink Ragi with meat delicacy or enjoy some good wines. Crete produces many good wines. So, let’s give a try.

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