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Top 7 Amazing Things to do on Crete Holidays

Literally, you require more than a week to explore the scenic island of Crete. What you want to put in the first place on a holiday is your discretion. But, based on best experiences and inputs from top bloggers, we have shortlisted top things that you must to do on Crete Holidays.

Things to do on a Holiday to Crete

Visit Spinalonga Island

Though Spinalonga is a small island, it carries the turbulent history of thousands of invasions. Numerous warring civilizations created an immense impact on the island. As a result, in the modern times, the island has transformed into a leper’s colony.

If you want to explore the fascinating Venetian history on the island, Spinalonga is the best destination that you must include on your Cheap Holidays to Crete trip. It is easily accessible; you just have to take a boat which leaves from Elounda.

Limania Beach

Limania Beach is popular not because it is close to the Chania airport. Its crystal clear waters and picturesque ambience draws crowd pullers. This spectacular beach is a wonderful place to discover on Holidays to Crete. If you want to enjoy the beauty and waters of the beach, visit anytime. However, to avoid crowds plan it early in the morning.

Taste Some Extravagant Greek Dishes

If you want to taste the most authentic Mediterranean food, then Crete Island is the best place for you. First of all, try the seafood in beachfront restaurants. Furthermore, in the town, try varieties made of cheese on a vacation. Cretan Cheeses are tastier and quite popular.

Loutro Village – The hidden gem on Crete

Visiting Loutro village on a Crete Holidays would be an out of the mundane experience. This beautiful village takes you to the past of Greece. Unlike other attractions, you will not find any modern development in the village. You want to explore this noteworthy attraction; you must take a boat to reach here. The village gives you the best waterfront views and offers you extravagant seafood.

Chania Town

When you draw parallels, of course, the city of Chania comes in the list of one of the biggest cities of Greek Islands. Wander through the harbor built by Venetians and also pay a visit to Agora Marketplace. Here you can buy local produce and taste the most authentic food on a vacation.

Balos Lagoon

One of the striking features of Crete Island is Balos Lagoon. Start your journey in the morning on the hiking route, to avoid crowds. It is the impeccable place to enjoy some gorgeous views on a vacation. To enjoy the best views and indulge in impeccable fun-filled adventure, it is the great place to visit. In addition, the beach also offers some dramatic views of the beautiful nature.

Holy Trinity Monastery

While planning a Cheap Holidays to Crete, if you want to visit a place other than a beach, include Holy Trinity Monastery in the top list. It gives a glimpse of rare architectural styles. The monastery features the most amazing gilded interiors.

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