Top 5 Things to do on Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde archipelago is the discovery of adventurous Portuguese in the medieval age. Moreover, they have transformed the entire landscape of the islands. Starting from slave trade to the modern era tourism development, it underwent numerous changes. Geographically, some around ten islands floating in the Atlantic Ocean from the island nation of Cape Verde. Furthermore, the natural scenery the boasts is absolutely magical.  More than historical attractions, the Caribbean style beaches is the biggest draw. Whenever you plan a holiday, you will enjoy great combination of best beaches and holiday activities. Every year hordes of tourists flock to this island nation. Moreover, stunning natural scenery, fun-filled activities and cuisines developed by different cultures, make this spot a fantastic holiday destination. Numerous holiday activities make Cape Verde Holidays, a top choice with pleasure seekers.

Best Activities on Cape Verde Holidays

Diving and Snorkeling

Cape Verde Holidays are top favorites with adrenaline junkies. It is one of the best places to try great adventures on a vacation. Snorkeling gives you an opportunity to discover the sea secrets in Atlantic waters. Start your journey in the Sal, the island which boasts an amazing ecosystem. Santa Maria Beach in Sal offers the best experience to visitors. Will you find anything above, living in the beauty of nature. Then get ready for a great holiday adventure now. 

Dive into Gorgeous Beaches

First of all, start your holiday adventure from the gorgeous beaches. You will find the most noteworthy beaches on Holidays to Cape Verde and probably, the best in Europe. The finest among all are Santa Maria, Boa Vista, and Santa Monica. These beaches are located on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista respectively. Certainly, they provide great space for families and couples. Just relax under the glorious Mediterranean sun. 


Sea Breeze permeates at full length in this adventurous fleet of kitesurfing. If you want to play with the Sea waves, you must plan a Low Cost Holidays to Cape Verde between the months of January and May. Possibly, more than anything, the natural surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for adventurous sport. It hardly matters whether you are an expert surfer or trainee, you will be provided with all kind of support and training. In fact, it is a magical experience, playing with nature. 

Exploring Salt Mines

The Salt mines of Pedra de Lume offer a great learning experience for pleasure seekers. It offers a great learning experience if you are traveling with your kids. The surroundings introduce you to the salt mining procedure among the gorgeous landscapes. It would be a thrilling and learning experience to visitors. Above all, visiting mines is a memorable experience for everyone.

Quad biking

Sand dunes on the most popular islands of Boa Vista and Sal offer a quad biking ride. It is probably the best experience in Cape Verde. In contrast to other activities, this activity is unique and possibly the best among all the above activities. The major reason is impressive sand dunes, which create a perfect setting for holiday activity. But above all, it is the most noteworthy activity experience that you should consider while planning All Inclusive Holidays to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Holidays introduces some of the best things to hedonists. Get ready for a great holiday adventure now with Book It Now’s customized holiday offers. For best savings on hotels and flights dial 0203 598 4727.

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