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Delve into Top 5 Greek Island Holiday Destinations

Top 5 Greek Island Holiday Destinations

The beauty and charm lie on Greek Island. Perhaps, the Greek gods have made their country with flawlessness. It is a country in southeastern and comprises thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas. This Mediterranean paradise boasts world-class beaches, awe-inspiring scenery, a balmy Mediterranean climate, serene stretches, azure waters surrounding the islands. Moreover, the quaint fishing ports and historic villages adore it. Most tourists flock here for the beaches. But the countryside also lures with an abundance of treasures, Byzantine chapels, secluded medieval monasteries, as well as thriving archeological ruins. Furthermore, the sights are extremely spectacular and photogenic. The small houses feature red, green, or blue-painted shutters that make Greece more attractive. The hilltop churches with blue domes look amazing. Explore Santorini’s volcanic landscapes and breathtaking sea view with marvelous clinging towns. Also, includes Mykonos, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, and Athens on your Greek Island Holiday.

Best 5 Greek Island Holiday Destinations


Athens is the charming capital city of Greece. It is an ancient city in Europe. See the jazzy side of the world after the 2004 Olympics. This city is renowned for its long and ancient history and incredible sightseeing. Moreover, Athens is also considered by its modern subway, flawless streets, manicured parks, excellent freeways, and welcoming people. This extraordinary melting pot of mythology and modernity. Take a look around its stunning modern architecture as well as striking historical landmarks. From the Pillars of Acropolis to the Temple of Zeus are worth exploring.

Furthermore, explore national gardens, New Acropolis Museum, colossal ruins, the ancient Greek temple of Erechtheum and many more.


Santorini is the best island in Greece as well as a romantic destination. It has a stunning natural setting. This island looks like a fairyland with beautiful white-washed buildings, but lovely colorful small houses, spiral pathways, towering sapphire domes, azure waters, and clear sky. The houses and hotels are on cliffs that add the beauty of the places.

Moreover, the phenomenal appeal, along with cozy homes and small bistros make legendary. Discover many ancient monasteries, churches, cathedrals, monuments, buildings, as well as the picturesque views on  Holidays to Greek Island.


Crete is the land of contrasting landscapes, alluring coastlines, rolling mountains, lush greenery, as well as rocky terrains. From the quiet villages to sprawling metropolises are indeed thriving. Furthermore, it is the largest island in Greece and home to some fascinating cultural spots and historical sites, such as the Knossos ruins to the monasteries. For the striking natural landscape like Mount Ida stands tall towering above the island. Furthermore, the coast is blessed with pristine beaches with turquoise lagoons and eye-catching red sands. There is also a special space for foodies. Crete serves some seriously delicious local grub.


This island sits on the northwest coast of the country. Corfu is a land of rich cultural heritage. Moreover, it is one of the top islands to explore on Cheap Holidays to Greek islands. Seek your ideal beach paradise one of many beaches, hike through rugged mountains that give a contrasting touch with the beautiful backdrop to white sandy beaches. Besides sunbathing on the beach, it offers a vast array of things such as olive tasting tour and exploring ancient monastery. Furthermore, visit Gorge at Agni Bay and Vlacherna Monastery. Also, enjoy the nightlife of Sidari as well as the old fort in Corfu.


Mykonos boasts the classic whitewashed buildings with blue towering domes that signify the Greek architecture. Moreover, it has several meandering streets that are full of charms. The iconic windmills add more charm. They are the center attraction of this quaint city. The rich culture and the authentic delicacies of crabmeat draw the major tourists in Mykonos. Furthermore, it offers Gondola ride at Little Venice, old-world charm of Matoyianni Street, display of Aegean Maritime museum, exhibits at Rarity Gallery, as well as iconic windmills. Apart from these attractions, you would find happening Kalafatis beach and the captivating church of Paraportiani. Enjoy the view from Armenistis Lighthouse and the golden sandy beach of Megali Amm.

This place also provides boutique hotels and luxury accommodations with a comfortable stay. And don’t miss to eat delicious cake, pasta dishes as well as summer salads here.

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