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Explore Top 5 Scenic Greek Island Holidays Destinations

Greece has over 6000 islands in its waters. Most of them are not hospitable; out of them very few are hospitable. After, thorough analysis and legwork, we have shortlisted top best Greek Islands. Coupled with the best beaches and historical sites, they are wonderful places to discover on a holiday. Furthermore, you can find best hotels to accommodate pleasure seekers. There are plenty of Greek Island Holidays destinations and deals available all throughout the year. Let us explore best islands of Greece.

Best Islands of Greece – Things to do on Greek Island Holidays

Santorini Island

Many Hollywood pictures make the island as a backdrop. In reality, it is the most popular amongst all the Greek Islands. The Cycladic style of architecture reflects on the streets of islands. The white cube-like buildings, with blue doors, in between rugged cliffs, that slopes down to water. Makes up fantastic attraction for pleasure seekers, its picturesque ambiance is the great place to discover on a vacation.

If you are booking a Greece Holidays for relaxing, then Santorini Islands are impeccable for your escape. Apart from natural scenery and beaches, there are plenty of archaeological sites of Minoan times.

Mykonos Island

Unlike Santorini, Mykonos Islands doesn’t offer you dramatic views. But, there are plenty of attractions to discover on a vacation. You will find plenty of stunning hotels which offer, fantastic views of the glorious sea. More than sandy beaches, nightlife is quite high in this island. Going further the ancient ruins, windmills, traditional towns and food are also extremely popular on the island. If you want to make the most out of Greek Island Holidays, visit Mykonos anytime.

Corfu Island

People who want to go crazy on a holiday, Corfu perfectly suits them. Located in towards the Northwestern region of Greece, This Island has been historically a prominent place. Many powering civilizations ruled it for centuries. Its scenic island comprises dense vegetation, beaches and historical sites. In addition, the old town, the monastery in Paleokastritsa is wonderful places that you should cover on a Cheap Holidays to Greek Island trip.

Crete Island

Crete is the largest Greek Island. You must put it in the first place as it takes you to the Bronze Age. It also features the most amazing natural scenery. Comparatively, the prices of hotels and other amenities are pretty low in this destination. If you are after diverse myriad experiences, it is the perfect place to discover.

Above all, the dramatic Samaria Gorge is the best place to explore. It is not only for adventurous people, but everyone. Do not skip day trips to Chania and Rethymnon.

Rhodes Island

The great beauty of Rhodes Island is climate. It enjoys over 300 days of sunshine. Ultimately, it is the most popular holiday destination. Possibly, it features the best beaches, historic places and archaeological wonders. Its impressive old town, the citadel of medieval times, hillside villages are the best places worth exploring on a Greek Island Holidays

We have shortlisted the top five islands, which are the most prominent attractions that you should discover on a Cheap Holidays to Greece.

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