Top 5 European Cities to Celebrate New Year Eve 2019

New Year is celebrated across the world according to the Gregorian calendar in the world. But, different religions and cultures have their own new year; some celebrate the change in the phenomenon of nature. Few of them follow the lunar calendar. However, across the world, majority celebrate January 1 as a new year. Literally, here celebration is life; people leave the burden of past and welcomes the new year with a different feel. This informative post throws light on some of the prominent destinations popular for New Year Eve 2019 in Europe.

Best New Year Eve 2019 Destinations in Europe

BudapestBudapest holidays

Celebrate New Year Eve 2019 in the festive delights of Budapest. A wonderful city where skies embrace fireworks and Champagne brims everywhere on the streets. The alleyways of the street become busy and sounds of music vibrate the surroundings in every corner. Taste the delicious food prepared with pork, Kocsonya, specifically prepared for the eve. If you have a plan to immerse in the unique culture of Budapest, start planning a Holidays to Budapest now.

PraguePrague Holidays

The city with the highest density of castles is the amazing place in Europe to start your new year in a new way. Prague Castle is the magical experience for first timers and New Year celebrations leave you completely in a different vibe. Walk along the banks of Vltava River and feel the ambiance with festive delights. Taste the locally available Champagne and authentic local food. Moreover, it would be an otherworldly experience for thrill seekers.

AmsterdamAmsterdam Holidays

Amsterdam is often considered as the creative city. The canal belt snaking into the city is the world heritage site. It is the impeccable spot to celebrate the New Year. The streets, buildings, and shops are lightened up and fireworks display which occupies the skies makes the celebration more appealing in the world. The whole surroundings in the city become lively with music shows and streets filled with revelers enjoying beer. Moreover, it is a cycle-friendly city; you can see all the attractions on New Year Eve 2019.

Copenhagencheap holidays to copenhagen

Drive away the evil spirits on New Year Eve 2019 in the city of Copenhagen. With the ringing of bells at midnight, the celebrations start with a new tradition. Though it looks different, the people here follow great tradition of breaking plates in front of the door. Among all, the door which exhibits the more broken plates, it means people living in the house are the most loved ones. In addition, there is a great tradition, where during midnight, people jump off a chair, where it marks an entry into the New Year. Furthermore, driving away the evil spirits of the past is the major reason behind the belief in this great tradition.

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