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The Best Things to Do on Family Holidays to Cyprus

Family Holidays to Cyprus

Cyprus is a family-friendly destination with Waterparks and wonderful amusement parks. It has Blue Flag beaches. The beaches are full-packed with Watersports such as scuba diving and pedalos. Moreover, it has a brilliant year-round climate. The history, myth, legend, fascinating Greek culture make it more interesting on Family Holidays to Cyprus. The captivating museum can be the center to learn for kids. Include good leisure time and combine with active entertainment and education program. Children can participate in beach activities or simply lie on the beach or use the beach as a playground and enjoy fully. Also, let them have the freedom to choose things as per their choice. Till the time, adults can relax or swim in the waters. Take children on funniest places so they can cherish the family vacation with learning. Further, the amusement park offers go-karts, roller coasters, a children’s train, monorail, trampolines, and carousels.

Horse Riding at Eagle Mountain Ranch, Paphos

Eagle Mountain Ranch provides a top place for horse riding. Horse riding is an interesting activity on a family holiday. There are amazing horseback tours that take you in the early morning and late afternoon. Furthermore, the tour contains a pickup and drop service. It also offers an introductory course. You can enjoy the picnic too. If you don’t want to spend a full day, then you should choose a shorter ride. The shorter ride takes time at least one and a half hours. It isn’t too long and you can enjoy horse riding in a short period. Indeed, it is a fun activity on Cyprus Holidays. Explore the beautiful countryside with horse riding in Paphos.

Water splash at Aphrodite Waterpark, Paphos

This Waterpark allows you to enjoy thrilling rides. It offers a good selection of rides. No doubt, it is the best place for a family day out. It has everything from knuckle rides to the baby pool, thriving rivers. Moreover, there are many places to refresh with food and drinks. Playing in the water makes you feel hungry so you go and grab the food and beverages. Apart from these facilities, there are also lockers nearby the entrance of the park where you can keep your belongings safely and enjoy the water splash. But lockers are optional if you don’t want to pay fees, you don’t need to take.

Learning Experience in the paleontology Museum, Larkana

The paleontology museum is a fun museum and a perfect place to go with family and kids. It boasts prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. Walking around the museum would give your children and you a unique experience on Holidays to Cyprus.  This museum displays the bones from pygmy elephants and hippopotamus of 10000 BC. No doubt, it would give you and your little one a wonderful experience. Here, you can escape many hours exploring various things. Kids can gather shells while strolling around the museum. In the end, the children can get a certificate in exchange of shells.

Playing Games in My Mall Limassol 

With plenty of indoor games and activities, My Mall is a nice place to keep them engaged. Here, old children and teens can play video games. Also, you’ll get bowling alleys and ice skating rink. So, you won’t be short of things to do in the mall. However, it is located in the largest shopping center in Cyprus, so there is no shortage of stores, cafes, and restaurants. After enjoying games, one can have some sumptuous meal.

Animal Watching at Limassol Zoo

Visit Limassol Zoo and find these animals such as lions, tigers, panthers, zebras, foxes, deers, and mouflon. You can watch the peacocks, vultures, falcons, emu, ducks, swans, ostriches, pelicans, as well as cherry pickers. And also, the coastal area and the educational center are exciting. At the education center, lectures are organized. It also offers films on wildlife. Nature screening is also part of the zoo. Furthermore, animal toys like sheep, goats, donkeys, hens, as well as rabbits are available at the zoo. The children can enjoy with them. Besides these attractions, this place also has a recreational center and canteen.

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