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The Best Destinations in Europe for Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

As the summer begins in Europe, the sun shines on the most beautiful beaches on the continent. Come and explore everything under the budget on Summer Holidays in Europe. Feed your wanderlust with great swims, water sports, peaceful promenade walks, and meander through the cobbled streets, scenic drives and island hopping. Book your dreams under the warm climate. Enjoy the sun and azure waters of the sea with your friends, families, loved and little ones. Furthermore, discover the tranquil villages, lush green landscapes and magnificent mountains. Rekindle your energies by hitting the most exotic places on the earth. Whether you go to Santorini in Greece or party at Porto in Portugal, visit Valencia in Spain or marvel at Malta, cruise to Croatian islands or sail to Cyprus, the joyous times, fun and entertainment is guaranteed at every place and all through the summer.

Best Mediterranean Destinations in Europe on Summer Holidays

Santorini, Greece

The red and black sandy beaches of Santorini exude romantic charm when sun drenches the coast of Greece. The whitewashed houses, the salty sea breeze and the soft touch of sand turn your summers into incredible holidays. Simultaneously, the sunsets in the evenings imprint the most beautiful images of life on Holidays to Greece. At the same time, if the interest of history evokes in you, visit the Akrotiri archaeological site. Besides, you can take ferry rides to the other Greek islands like Mykonos, Ios and Crete.

Algarve, Portugal

Whether you buy an All Inclusive or a Low Deposit Deal, Family Holidays or Last Minute Holidays, but make sure to celebrate your life this summer in Algarve at Portugal. This region in the southern part of the country gifts you innumerable beaches along its 200 KM of coastline. Most important of all, replenish your vitamin D levels at this sunniest part on Portugal Holidays. It is a great place to play golf in the scenic courses and experience the thrills in water parks. Subsequently, there are beautiful cities in reach like Faro and pretty towns such as Tavira.

Split, Croatia

The Split region in Croatia always leaves in splits with the ecstasies of joy and unlimited fun. Moreover, this is a wonderful place to explore the picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and mountains. Apart from soaking in the sun, it is idyllic to sail to the offshore islands. Take the popular sailing route from Split to Dubrovnik. Indeed, this experience you will never forget in life. Because the opportunities to stop at the exotic islands like Hvar and Korcula extend your joys on Croatia Holidays.  Finally, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a perfect spot for families and kids.

Valencia, Spain

With beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, Valencia in Spain is a wonderful place to end your days on summers with delicious tapas and wine. Lying on the south coast, this Spanish port city is a splendid place to mix history, culture and the beach. Besides, it offers excellent planetarium, otherworldly oceanarium and an interactive museum. Furthermore, one can pay a visit to Albufera Park to discover spectacular walking trails and wetlands. Along with that, make sure to visit Torres de Quart, Cathedral, Miquelet bell tower, a bullring and Mercat Central de Valencia.


With temperatures hovering between 23 and 27°C, Malta is a great summer destination on the Mediterranean Sea. Steeped in thousands of years of history, this archipelagic nation is a perfect spot for a historical sojourn. Located on the car-free tiny island of Comino, Blue Lagoon is the most stunning beach of the country. Mainly, its shallow and azure blue waters are safe for even the little ones to have great beach times on Summer Holidays.

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