Summer Holidays –Top Destinations in Europe to Visit in 2019

Summer destinations in Europe are quite popular for sun, sand, and sea. People celebrate life in the lap of nature to spend some joyful moments with their loved ones. There are plenty of such exciting and exotic destinations in Europe for Summer Holidays. Apart from thrilling adventures, attractions expose you to a new way of living. Further, the most prominent thing is extravagant food culture. Many people do not consider its importance; it is also one of the best reasons behind the success of destination. This post elaborates; top destinations in Europe for summer break in 2019.

Best Destinations for Summer Holidays

Formentera, Balearic IslandsFormentera Holidays

One of the picturesque islands of the Balearic archipelago, Formentera is pretty close to the party Universe Ibiza. A ferry ride lands you in the gorgeous Spanish island. The picturesque landscape dotted with palm trees, classic beaches lined with white sands. What more do you need to spend your Summer Holidays other than vibrant atmosphere of the island? If you to experience the best Mediterranean cuisine, it is the best place to discover on a holiday.

Greek Islands, GreeceGreek Islands Holidays

Some around 6000 islands floating in the Sea, permeating the mainland Greece, make up Greece Islands. Out of them, very few are hospitable and that make the best summer holidays destination in Europe. It is really a cumbersome task to shortlist the best. But, based on popularity Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos are top picks for a getaway. All these destinations are perfect year-round destinations.

Vienna, Austria

Many people have preoccupied notions about landlocked nations. But, in reality, Austria has plenty of summer things to offer. Its classic city of Vienna, further adds new color with historical attractions. Apart from exploring the dramatic landscape, hiking, skiing, canal cruise are the popular holiday activities. The destination full of activities keeps you occupied till you depart.

Algarve, PortugalAlgarve Holidays

Algarve, the Southernmost region of Portugal in Algarve. This part looks as if nature has paid special to engineer the aesthetics of the surroundings. It is also one of the top summer holiday destinations in Europe. Attracted by its beauty, most of the Brits have built summer residences in the region. Algarve beaches give the otherworldly feel to pleasure seekers. In addition, the pretty towns of Tavira and Faro are exceptional to discover.

Fuerteventura, Canary IslandsFuerteventura Holidays

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary Island in Atlantic waters. The island boasts plenty of endemic species; its Biosphere zone has been recognized as the world heritage site. It sun-kissed beaches with impressive ambiance make your vacation a memorable experience. Whether you prefer to relax under glorious sun or dance with the waves. The beaches provide you with a huge number of options; possibly it is one of best summer destination in Europe.

Antalya, TurkeyAntalya Holidays

Antalya, Turkey’s one of the southernmost coastal city boasts perfect Mediterranean climate. Moreover, this destination boasts plenty of historical attractions dating back to the Roman era. However, its sunny beaches attract more number of tourists. In addition, the culinary delight the destination offers is unique and keeps your holiday spirits high.

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