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What to Include in Spain Holidays Travel Guide

Spain Holidays

From Cantabria to Costa del Sol and from the Canary Islands to the Balearics, Spain is a wonderful holiday destination with a rich wealth of history, beaches, culture and cuisine. Planning a holiday to Spain? We have the best travel resources to guide you with best itineraries, travel guides on best places to see, best things to do, best islands, beaches, and fiestas including gastronomical delights. So, Venture out on a vacation with a complete travel guide on Spain Holidays. And also, there is a wide range of hotels and budget-friendly air carriers to hit on a holiday to any dreamy place on this exotic country in Europe. Hence, book the best deal that suits your needs and hop on to this country to live your dreams with family, children or with friends.

Mainland Spain

The Spanish mainland is actually a historic and cultural retreat. Most important of all, there are fascinating sites of history that make you peek into the past of this country. Ranging from rugged beaches to soft sandy secluded coves, spectacular world-class beaches dot the shoreline of this nation.

The main thing to do on the mainland is to visit any one of the cities Barcelona, Marbella or Malaga to soak up the rich culture and history.  And also, it is an ideal place to enjoy the famous Tomato Festival on Holidays to Spain. Furthermore, one can learn the traditional Flamenco music and also can immerse in the joys of colorful festivals and fiestas on the mainland.

Focus on Costa Blanca

Washed by the Mediterranean and year-round warm friendly climate, the Costa Blanca region on mainland Spain is the most popular holiday destination in the country. Indeed, it is a perfect place to explore the stunning beaches, vibrant resorts and charming quaint villages.

Balearic Islands

Located to the eastern part of Spain, Balearics are an archipelago of islands located on the Mediterranean Sea. The four major islands Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera are the popular tourist destinations. Majorca even called Mallorca is the largest island of the archipelago. Above all, the exotic Ibiza Island is a world-famous party destination. Finally, discover each island’s distinctive features of culture and cuisine on Cheap Holidays to Spain.

Canary Islands

Located close to the coast of North Africa, the Canaries are the farthest territory of Spain from its mainland. Lapped by azure Atlantic waters, these islands are a hotspot of tourism. The main islands of Canaries include Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. Especially, these isles lure the world tourists with warm winters on Winter Sun Holidays to Spain. Tenerife being the largest island of this archipelago, each and every island has a world of attractions and activities to offer a complete holiday experience to the expats.

Go on Gastro and Wine Tours

One of the blissful experiences to have on Spain Holidays is to go on delightful gastro and wine tours. In fact, these tours are a wonderful opportunity to taste the delicious dishes and experience the rich local cultures of the diverse regions of this country. Rooted in ancient times, the vineyards produce some of the best quality wines on the mainland as well as on the islands of Spain. So, sample down a few of the tastiest wines to tingle your taste buds on a holiday.

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