Lisbon Holidays

Some of the Best Things to do on Lisbon Holidays

Lisbon, the city of Portugal remains one of the top priority when it comes to vacation. It is the most beautiful city to discover on a holiday. Besides, scenic attractions, its classy restaurants, fantastic architecture, probably you will get to taste the most amazing food on vacation. If you are planning for Lisbon Holidays, here is the list of top things to do below for a memorable vacation.

Top Things to do on Lisbon Holidays

Torre de Belem

First of all, start your journey in the Torre de Belem. It is quite popular in the entire country. This monumental structure is the masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Furthermore, it is the UNESCO recognized world heritage site. It is one of the most noteworthy works of Portuguese when it comes to stone works. A must visit attraction to discover on a Lisbon Holiday.

Enjoy Tram Ride

The magnificent city of Portugal is renowned for Tramlines. Enjoy Tram ride, you will pass through narrow lanes of the historical city. Almost, you will cover every corner of the city on a Holiday to Lisbon. Certainly, you can have a glimpse of plenty of attractions on a holiday. 

Alfama District

Alfama District of Lisbon is compact and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Similar to Rome, the ancient part dates back to the Moors. If you go further, Lisbon Cathedral, chapels of tile front and numerous and numerous other attractions will never let you down.


Despite such top class attractions, Sintra is one of the glorious towns of Lisbon worth exploring on a vacation. Above all, its contrasting beauty comprises colorful buildings, baroque churches, grand palaces and numerous other attractions are worth exploring on a Lisbon Holiday. UNESCO recognized this site as a world heritage site.

National Tile Museum

Make sure that the National Tile Museum is included on Cheap Holidays to Lisbon. It is the great place to discover the history of tiles. The Museum exhibits the technology associated with tiles dating back to Moors. Furthermore, you can spot the most enchanting motifs in the museum.

St George’s Castle

St Georges’ Castle is another landmark site in the historical city of Lisbon. Romans constructed this 2000 years ago. Standing tall up in the city, probably it is the most fascinating place in Lisbon. The castle is developed by many dynasties, who ruled the city.

In addition, Portuguese loves amazing food, there are plenty of restaurants to serve you best food. We provide plenty of Cheap Holidays to Lisbon deals to discover on a vacation. To know more about great value deals call us at 0203 598 4727.

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