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7 Popular Things to Do on Paphos Holidays

Paphos Holidays

Located on the southwest coast on the island country of Cyprus, Paphos is a wonderful holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Inhabited since Neolithic times, this Cyprus city is known to be the birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite. Paphos Holidays offer spectacular landscapes, glistening beaches along with several sites relating to Aphrodite. And also, there are numerous archeological sites, museums, medieval castles and monasteries to explore on a holiday. Furthermore, the water parks and zoo make it a wonderful trip for the little ones. Moreover, there are breweries to boost the energies and wine tours to tingle the taste buds on a holiday.

Besides, there is seafood some grilled and some raw to enjoy their divinely delicious tastes. In addition, the hikes down the gorges, quad bike tours, and the acclaimed camping sites provide all the thrills, joys, and adventure. Finally, the pretty Paphos has something in store to offer for everyone on a holiday.

Watch the Sunsets from Paphos Old Town

Bagging the European Capital of Culture award in 2017, the old town of Paphos has now got a facelift to explore on getaway. This is a lovely place that can make into anyone’s bucket list on Holidays to Paphos. Why because the endless panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and sunsets over the sea look more appealing from this place. And also, this is a perfect spot to capture picture-perfect snaps and dine outdoors to relax with sips and bites. Moreover, the amazing Greek architecture captivates every eye on the island.

Get Wisdom at Aphrodite’s Rock

Beating the seasons and ages, the famous Aphrodite Rock attracts tourists from every corner of the world. In fact, every tourist bus makes it a point to stop at this rock to enable the visitors to take glorious pictures of the rock and the sea behind. As per the legend, the great Greek goddess of beauty and wisdom is said to have born at this place. And also, one can have a great time on the beach here. However, one has to reach the beach by passing through a narrow pathway piercing the dark on Cheap Holidays to Paphos.

Visit the Tombs of the Kings

Carved out of rocks during Hellenistic and Roman times, the Tombs of Kings are at Paphos Archeological Park.  Even though it is named as the tombs of the kings, no king is buried at this place. But, this was the resting place of the higher officials. However, the impressive tombs and Doric pillars make it a worthy site to hit on a holiday.

Go Hiking at Avakas Gorge

After a stint with the historical and archeological sites, it is the time to embrace the nature at Avakas Gorge. Located in Avakas Peninsula, this is an unspoiled region to explore on a holiday. And also, this is a great place to pump your lungs with some freshest air and make your calf muscle rock solid by hiking the rocks. Indeed, the high rock formations through the erosion by the river offer unique impressions on Low Cost Holidays to Paphos.

Take your Kids to Aphrodite Water Park

After hiking the gorge, now is the time to present some wonderful times to your little ones on Family Holidays to Paphos. Head to Aphrodite Water Park with your family and this is the largest such park in this part of Paphos Cyprus. Here, the numerous rides and attractions make your kids and even toddlers go gaga on a holiday. In fact, this park is a favorite with families. And also, the adrenaline junks can pump their adrenaline at the four high-speed plunges of this park.

Learn Animal Conservation at Paphos Zoo

The Paphos Zoo is located at a more picturesque location with the beautiful landscape of gardens and ponds. In fact, this was a private aviary of a local businessman and animal lover named Christos Christoforou. However, he decided to open this place to the public to spread awareness on animal conservation. Now, this zoo has a wide range of kangaroos, giraffes, tigers, white lions, and several other animal species. Housing over 200 species of birds, the bird section in the zoo appeals the most to the birdwatchers.

Enjoy the Wine Tours

Paphos might be tiny and pretty, but the diverse range of holiday experiences it entices the tourists with is unmatched. After exploring the beautiful history, nature and wonderful places, lift your souls and souls by going on wine tours. The glorious sunshine and the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean help Paphos to produce a few of the tastiest wines. Go to Laona to enjoy the fantastic white wines and visit Vouni Panagias to taste the delicious red wines on All Inclusive Holidays to Paphos.

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