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Must Things to do on Krakow Holidays

If you are after a destination to spend a vacation full of colorful culture. Krakow is the impeccable destination for a memorable getaway. We recommend you to explore Poland’s oldest city on a vacation. Krakow Holidays will never let you down. It is a great learning center for students, Krakow has over 23 best universities. Plan a Cheap Holiday to Krakow and explore all the attractions.

Krakow Holidays – Exploring Krakow’s Best Attractions

Main Square of Krakow

Appreciate the magnificence, creative ambiance of busy lifestyle in Main Square. It is the largest medieval square in entire Europe. Spanning 40,000m² it serves as the great center markets. People call it the heart of Krakow; do not miss the Square on a Holiday to Krakow.

St. Mary’s Basilica

The towering Basilica shares fascinating tale of medieval times. When the city was about to attack, the bugler spotted Tartars from the top of Basilica tour. Alerted the people by the announcement, in the meantime an arrow pierced him. Commemorating his death, a man looks out through four towers of Basilica every hour.

Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den is the must place to visit on Krakow Holidays. It is the limestone cave located in Wawel Hill. You must crawl inside to experience the magical side of the cave.

Discover the legend of a humble shoemaker. He was instrumental in killing the dreaded monster to save the city.

Jagiellonian University

Krakow has been a great learning centre since medieval times. Explore the landmark Jagiellonian University. It is one of the oldest Universities in the world. The city also houses 23 prestigious universities.

Schindler’s Factory

The factory takes you back to World War II times. It reveals the humanitarian effort of Oscar Schindler (German) to save 1000 Jews. He shifted his company to Krakow with intent to save them. His enamelware factory is now serving as the museum.

Underground Museum

Krakow’s Underground Museum is exactly below the Main Square. Discover plenty of archaeological wonders and many articles of urban settlement. There are plenty of artifacts which date back to medieval times.

Taste Eat Pierogi

The Pierogi is the traditional food in the country. Stuffed with various ingredients, the dish is available everywhere in the city. Do not miss the dish on a Cheap Holiday to Krakow.

Sigismund Bell

Sigismund Bell, the largest bell in the Wawel Cathedral. It would be in use only during special occasions and holidays. It is one of the national symbols of Poland.

Krakow offers you more than you imagine on a vacation. Make use of Cheap Holidays to Krakow deals for your next getaway. For cheap holiday deals dial 0203 598 4727.

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