Melt Away the Freezing on Winter Sun Holidays

During winters’ freezing conditions grips the entire Europe continent, but those who want to escape chilling weather, there are some fantastic winter sun destinations in Europe. The warm shores of these places are ready to embrace you. We introduce you to the best Winter Sun Holidays destinations with pleasant climate for the New Year 2019. Moreover, planning a Cheap Holidays in advance brings you amazing savings on hotels and flights.

Top Winter Sun Holidays Destinations

Malta Island

The archipelago in Mediterranean Sea has been the military base for powerful empires for several centuries. The impact of many civilizations can be found here. Moreover, its pleasant climate is the wonderful aspect amongst all, which makes it an ideal Winter Sun Holidays. Home to some around nine world heritage sites, it gives a glimpse of past associated with island. Wander through the streets of Valetta, the capital city and countryside to experience different culture. With occasional rainfalls during winters, feel as if there is no cold condition on the planet. It is a perfect destination that you can visit at any point of time in a year. The dramatic beaches and extravagant food await your presence to treat you.

Madeira Island

Madeira, gorgeous island in the Atlantic waters was the first discovery of Portuguese during their expeditions. Its volcanic landscape, natural scenery, dramatic beaches, and warm climate are the biggest draw. Since past few decades, this island has been attracting millions of holidaymakers. Conducive weather brings in people from Northern Europe region, where they face freezing conditions. If you want to unwind under the glorious sun in winter Holidays 2019, start your holiday arrangements in advance with Cheap Holidays to Madeira. It is not all about Sun, you can also explore the most impressive architecture too.


The Mediterranean Sun on Cyprus is brighter during winters. The temperatures hardly drop below 20 degrees. This is truly a fantastic destination to discover on Madeira Holidays. Balmy climate creates perfect conditions for everyone, whether you prefer exploring the countryside or beaches on the coast. The dramatic landscape will never let you down. From beaches to historical attractions, Cyprus offers plenty of holiday options to pleasure seekers.

Canary Islands

Just some hundred kilometers off the North African Islands, the volcanic Canary Islands are located in Atlantic waters. These fascinating islands are visited by millions every year. Moreover, it is an impeccable place to discover great beaches, historical attractions and devour some extravagant Spanish food. It is not about Winter Holidays, you can visit this destination at any point of time in a year. Tenerife Island is the most popular one amongst other islands. More than attractions, the carnival of the island is extremely popular across the island.

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