Immerse in the Beauty of the Caribbean like Beaches on Sal Holidays

The Cape Verde Islands boasts the Caribbean like beaches. These are located just a few hundred kilometers off the West African coast. Moreover, fantastic weather, gorgeous landscapes and vibrant culture, are crowd pullers. Almost all the islands are unique, but few are exceptional. Sal is one such jewel in the crown. Sal Holidays provides you with incredible space, whether you travel with your loved ones or family. Above all, you will see a unique culture developed over a period of time with people settling here from different parts of the world. Possibly, this article throws light on some of the best things to do on your Cheap Holidays to Sal.

Best Activities – Sal Holidays

Santa Maria Beach

Sal beaches are quite similar to that of Caribbean beaches. The stretches of white sands stretch for kilometers. Its azure waters and serene ambiance creates a perfect setting for thrilling adventures. Apart from the scenic landscape, snorkeling is the best holiday activity. In addition, you will find the waves of turtles moving here. This natural event could only be witnessed between November and December. However, the pleasant ambiance welcomes tourists all throughout the year on Sal Holidays. 

Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing

There is a great understanding of nature with Sal when it comes to winds. Winds blow steadily creating an ideal condition for surfing and numerous other water-based adventures. Further, January and February, both the months considered perfect for all the activities. Dance with the waves enjoy the sea breeze, join rides and many more activities. The Kite Beach towards the East is extremely popular with kite surfers. Possibly, the destination is impeccable for adrenaline junkies and sun worshipers as well. During your vacation on Cheap Holidays to Sal, ensure that enough time is allocated for this kind of activities. 

Buracona Underwater Caves

See the wonders created by volcanic activity on Sal Holidays. The incredible underwater caves, picturesque reefs, and permeating scenic ambiance, further makes ambiance more scenic. Possibly, the five kilometers stretch from Palmeira port till Olho Azul makes a spectacular landscape. Above all, it would be a magical experience for thrill seekers on a holiday.

Dive into the Salt Sea in Pedra Lume

In Portuguese Sal means Salt, the island’s name came after its important mineral source Salt. During colonial times, it was a major centre for extraction. However, in the present scenario, this magnificent volcanic crater is a wonderful place for sunbathing and relaxing. Warm pools permeating the area create great space for pleasure seekers. Just float in the Atlantic beauty with your loved ones. Make it through All Inclusive Holidays to Sal for a stress-free holiday.

Island Hopping

Some around ten gorgeous Islands make up Cape Verde. Holidays to Sal provides you with a wonderful opportunity to discover other islands. Hop on to Fogo Island to explore volcanic mountain of imposing height. Among all, if you are after natural scenery, move to Santo Antao to explore magnificent canyons and tropical plants. Further, move to Sao Vincent to enjoy the national music of Cape Verde. Though the landscape is the build of people from diverse continents, the landscape is unusual and boasts wonderful culture. Above all, it would be the best experience for thrill seekers.

Try Cape Verdean food

If you want to try some great Seafood, Cape Verde is the spectacular spot to try them. The impact of the Portuguese and African style of making is immense on the island. It is the best way to understand the local culture. Taste the delicious lobster, steak, colorful stew, and numerous varieties. These small islands boast rich culinary delights. There are several local and international restaurants, to serve you the best food on Sal Holidays.

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