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Explore Gorgeous Beaches on your Costa Brava Holidays

In Spanish Costa Brava means rugged coast, balancing the name the region in the Northeast part Spain is equally attractive beaches and wonderful natural scenery. Beach is the biggest major reason that draws millions of people to coast. Apart from breathtaking beaches, Costa Brava Holidays provide exceptional accommodation options, for families and couples. This article highlights some of the best beaches to explore on a holiday.

Best Beaches to discover on Costa Brava Holidays

Cala Sant Francesc, Blanes

First of all, Blanes is the most noteworthy attraction in Costa Blanca. Home to wonderful Cala Sant Francesc beach, it is renowned for some fantastic natural scenery. The most prominent beach of Cala Sant Francesc is the crowd puller.  Surrounded by pine forests and rocks create a perfect ambiance to immerse in the great beauty of nature. Besides, great beach, you will find a pretty cove and a garden. More than everything, the destination is well equipped with sun beds, lifeguards, pedalos and restaurant. Usually provides a safe condition for holidaymakers. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Costa Brava include this beach in the must things to do list.

Cala Giverola Beach

Tossa de Mar is the center for many prominent beaches. The gorgeous bay is the marvel of nature with blue-green colors. Its soft sands, verdant landscape around make the destination more appealing.  The most appealing thing about the destination is the boat service. It takes you along the coast offering some spectacular scenery. The beach is easily accessible; there are plenty of coves to explore. Even more than usual activities, the beach is the favorite of adrenaline junkies.

Sant Pol de Mar Beach

The Dune-like landscape and shallow waters of the bay are ideal for everyone. Whether you travel with family or friends, Sant Pol de Mar, provides you with some exceptional facilities too. There is a child play area and club, which keeps occupied on Holidays to Costa Brava. Probably, it is one of the best beaches with snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing and more. It is the one-stop destination for all sorts of holidaymakers.

Sa Boadella Beach

Live in the lap of nature on Costa Brava Holidays. Sa Boadella is the blend of natural scenery and gorgeous beach. Moreover, the pleasant climate makes the ambiance more appealing to visitors. Discover hidden coves, scenic landscape and more. Certainly, you have to travel a bit more from the urban center to explore this beach.

Cala del Pi

Though facilities at Cala del Pi beach are less compared to other prominent beaches, the natural scenery is beyond imagination. If you want to capture the magic of nature, probably, it is one of the wonderful destinations to discover. Above all, it is the true paradise for snorkeling. It is a fantastic destination to discover on a vacation.

Cala Rovira Beach

This is the most ideal beach to explore and while planning an All Inclusive Holidays to Costa Brava, do not skip. Moreover, it is easily accessible from Girona airport. It is truly a fantastic place to relax and chill on a vacation.

In fact, beaches draw millions to Spain’s coastline, but if you want to beat the crowd or enjoy great savings, Book It Now provides you with great discounts on Costa Brava Holidays all throughout the year.

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