European City Breaks

European City Breaks – Whirl around the Great European Culture

Cities are literally wonderlands; they reveal lifestyle and lifeline of any nation. Europe is one such continent which introduced new administration systems, great architecture and philosophical ideas that helps you realize a new way of life. For instance the idea of democracy and its success in the world, there are plenty of such interesting facts to explore. In a short span of City Breaks whirl around the great cultures, nightlife, fantastic museums, and experience extravagant food culture. Further, building styles remind you rich taste and workmanship of the people. Whether you prefer to live in the glorious past or medieval age renaissance era, European cities have plenty in store. Our European Breaks offer innumerable options to pleasure seekers. Furthermore, it would be a perfect choice to escape mundane. This post introduces you some of the best cities, whirl around the great European culture on a short break.

The Best Destinations for City Breaks in Europe

AmsterdamCity Breaks to Amsterdam

The city flourished since the Dutch golden age is the classic example of outstanding evolution. According to a report from a renowned survey, it is the world’s second most livable city. From initial stages of diamond trade till the modern day development of multinational companies, Amsterdam stuns you with both the worlds. On City Breaks to Amsterdam, you can experience the magnificence of creative brilliance. The most attractive Canal belt system, the magical work of legendary artist Van Gogh and numerous other artists stun you with creative brilliance. Wander the city through the impressive Canal, explore the glorious past in the numerous monumental sights. Live like a local, rent a bike and cover all the attractions, most of the destinations are easily accessible. But, you should be aware of timings pertaining to the respective sights. Above all, the city is a great spot for foodies and Shopaholics as well.

PragueCity Breaks to Prague

Prague often considered as the city of thousand spires, surprises you with new architectural wonders. Centuries-old historical attractions, over 1000 years of royal history and fascinating culture, enrich your holiday experience. The city experiences a temperate climate. Further, it gives the most pleasant feel to explore the attractions. Start your journey with the royal residences of Habsburg and Austro – Hungarian rulers. Despite the massive destruction during the early medieval times, Prague City stands strong to offer you something unique. On your City Breaks to Prague cover the top attractions which comprise Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Jewish quarter and numerous attractions. Further, the historic center of Prague houses numerous attractions. 


Rome, the capital city of Italy is referred to as the birthplace of western civilization. For centuries the expanse of Holy Roman Empire ruled this region and controlled many parts of the world. Moreover, this gorgeous city has been the epicenter for the renaissance era. Many monumental structures erected during the golden age of renaissance. The most unusual thing about Rome City Breaks is exploring Vatican City.  Country within a city, though it seems strange, probably it is one of the prominent sights in the world to discover. The most famous places you should explore in the city comprise the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica. The most uncommon grandeur of Colosseum takes you to ancient past, where gladiator fights were held for centuries. Apart from architectural wonders, Italy is widely known for food; do not miss locally made pizza. 

VeniceCity Breaks to Venice

Human effort goes beyond imagination. Some around 118 islands have been organized perfectly with 400 bridges, to construct this magnificent city. Venice is the capital city of the Veneto region in Northern Italy. The city developed during medieval times is a great example of Renaissance-era architecture. In reality, it is hard to draw parallels, between these two countries. The lagoon area is recognized as the world heritage site. This stunning Adriatic beauty offers plenty of attractions. Furthermore, the central square, St Mark’s Basilica, and many Byzantine era structures give you a glimpse of the glorious past. 

There are plenty of attractions worth exploring short European City Breaks. To realize your dream holiday with Book It Now dial 0203 598 4727.

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