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Discover Best Things to Do on Alcudia Holidays

Alcudia is the small town in the Majorca Island. This pretty town has excellent beaches and plenty of interesting places. The major reason for its popularity is wonderful climate. Visitors can plan a Cheap Holidays to Alcudia at any point of time in a year. Discover well preserved medieval town, historical sites and more. Here is the list of top things to do in the Spanish town.

Alcudia Holidays Top Attractions

Museum – Houses Many Archaeological Wonders

The Museum is in the medieval age building. It has many well preserved archaeological objects found at Pollentia. A Holiday to Acludia takes you through the Roman times. You will learn the customs, new way of life ancient Romes and many more things. Furthermore, it’s a lifetime experience for pleasure seekers.

The City Walls

The towering walls protect the beautiful town of Alcudia. Since, Roman times, every civilization wanted to take the advantage of its positioning. Going further, the king of medieval times began construction for the wall. The full fortified wall was ready by the end of 16th century. As a result, you will enjoy the most scenic views of the beautiful wall. Take the advantage of Cheap Holidays to Alcudia deals to discover the scenic landscape.

The beaches of Alcúdia

Alcudia features the most outstanding beaches. Exactly, located between the two bays, the beaches have a well-organized infrastructure to cater. However, both the Playa de S’Illot and Playa de Alcudia are popular for fine sand and water sports. There is also a park area outside for relaxing after an activity.

Neo-Gothic Style Church

The Church in the town exhibits a neogothic style of architecture. Due to some unknown reason, the vault collapsed; however, it was reconstructed in 1893. Located in the historic centre of town, this is the best place to explore in Acludia. The church is dedicated to Alcudia’s patron saint, Santiago.


If fun is the biggest reason for your Acludia Holidays. First of all, move to Hidropark, a perfect spot for the complete family. It features spectacular water slides, trampolines and an array of activities. It is pretty close to the Port of Alcudia. Great place for a variety of dining experiences.

The old town of Alcúdia

The medieval walls of the town are a major attraction. It offers fantastic views of the glorious ocean. Explore Roman ruins, amphitheater and major shops on a vacation. Buy some valuable souvenirs in the local markets. They are open only on Sundays and Tuesdays. Visit the town, to make the most out of your Cheap Holidays to Alcudia.

The Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober – Sa Bassa Blanca

A non-profit museum committed to restoring rich Spanish rich heritage. It exhibits paintings, fine arts and sculptures. Those interested in history will have a great time at the museum. In addition, it is the great place to know about glorious past of Spain. Acludia Holidays will never let you down.

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