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Different Ways to Celebrate Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus Holidays

The place where east collides with the west, Cyprus is an island nation on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This spectacular country offers a rich mix of ancient and modern worlds. This mythical island located to the south of Turkey is the third-largest on the Med. This nation has a wealth of thousands of years of history along with turbulent past. But today Cyprus is spreading joys to the world at its famous Aiya Napa resort town, UNESCO world heritage sites and natural landscapes. Cyprus Holidays are famous to experience the thrills of deep-sea diving and to go on night bike riding in Limassol. Furthermore, the culture vultures can marvel at the Technopolis in Paphos. Most important all, the kids can revel at the Aphrodite Waterpark, George’s Fun Bus, Dinosaur Park and Looney Land. Finally, the carnivals, festivals and fiestas enthrall and entice everyone on a holiday.

Visit the Ancient Theatre of Kourion on Holidays to Cyprus

Located in the town of Episkopi on the west coast of Limassol, Kurion is an ancient archeological site. Actually, it was an ancient city excavated by the University of Pennsylvania in the 19th century. Here, the ancient theatre which was built in 2nd century BC has become a popular tourist site. It is a great place for history buffs to embrace the rich past of the island.  Explore this ancient site on Holidays to Cyprus to visualize how the gladiators once used to fight in this open-air stadium. Most importantly, several events also take place till today at this grand old theatre.

Experience the Village life of Bygone Eras on Family Holidays to Cyprus

The village of Phini is an ideal place to experience the Cypriot life of bygone eras. Pilavakio is a unique agricultural museum which also throws light on the oldest ceramic pottery making of Phini. Moreover, it is a great place to explore the tools and other agriculture objects of ancestors. Certainly, it is one of the places where children should be taken to on Family Holidays to Cyprus. Only to let them gain knowledge on great grand ancestors creativity and struggles to survive.

Celebrate Limassol Carnival with Cheap Holidays to Cyprus

Blending ancient Greek and subsequent traditions, the Limassol Carnival is one of the most famous across Europe. Honouring the Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine and Fun, Cyprus celebrates this festival for ten days. The colorful celebrations start 12 days before Lent. Certainly, it is a great way to celebrate Cheap Holidays to Cyprus. The feasts, processions and balls let you observe the Cypriot culture up and close.

Go on Wine Tasting Tour on All Inclusive Holidays to Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the age-old wine producers of the world. Thanks to its climate and suitable lands which help in reaping the tastiest produce. Located at an altitude of 650 meters in Paphos, the 16 hectares Visilikon winery is one of the best to go on wine tasting tours. Choose All Inclusive Holidays to Cyprus to go on such tours to taste the swirling local wines. The wine yard which produces 3,50,000 bottles every year offers a great opportunity to go round the vineyard. Mainly, the tasting session of the award-winning local wine at the end of the tour is certainly a feast for the wine lovers.

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