Costa Brava Holidays

Costa Brava Holidays – The Most Pleasant Year Round Destination in Spain

A stretch from the mouth of River Tordera till the French border along the coast is called Costa Brava region. This is the most popular tourist holiday hotspot in Spain, attracting tourists from all corners of the world. It has serene natural beauty, historical cities, museums, extravagant food, and culture. Further creates a great atmosphere with world-class hotels and facilities to make a vacation a blissful experience. Costa Brava Holidays justifies your pleasure trip with all the activities the destination offers in modern times. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones or families, without any second thought pack your bags. It is the most pleasant year-round destination; you can book a Cheap Holidays to Costa Brava, anytime in a year.

Wander Through the Streets of Girona – Costa Brava Holidays

History brims everywhere on the streets of the ancient city of Greece. This well-preserved city boasts Jewish quarters and numerous medieval age sites. Further, the festivals add new colors to life in this Spanish city. Wander through the streets to explore magnificent Baroque and Romanesque Cathedrals. The highlight of the attractions is colorful houses flanked across the Onyar River. It is also referred to as the ‘ City of Festivals.’ Experience the true colours of the attraction; plan Costa Brava Holidays in the month of May, to witness the flower festival.

Experience the beauty of Surrealism – The Dali Theatre-Museum

The Museum immerses you into the world of surrealism created by Salvador Dali. Holidays to Costa Brava would never be fruitful experience if you give a miss to this magical reality. All his works are exhibited in the pink castle and even the building is more like an art piece. His trademark eggs gorgeously lined up on the castle, gives an unusual taste for art.

Discover the Cap de Creus Natural Park

Magnificent rocky caves, verdant landscape, towering cliffs, and small bays, make up the fantastic landscape of Cap De Creus Peninsula. Moreover, it creates a perfect landscape for various recreational activities. In addition, the waters are favorable for swimming and hiking. Possibly, the best place to immerse in the great beauty of nature. Above all, merging with nature should be your top priority on your Cheap Holidays to Costa Brava.

Taste Catalan style Paella in Cadaques

The picturesque town Cadaqués, located towards the right of the Cap de Creus Peninsula is a fantastic place to taste the authentic seafood. Move ahead to taste the Catalan style food, enjoying the gorgeous views of surroundings, more than food, the ambiance is impressive with natural beauty. It also inspired the legendary artist Salvador Dali, who created a new genre in the world of art. To satisfy your cravings on your Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Costa Brava, visit this town.

Kayaking Experience

Though Kayaking is an adventurous sport, it is one of the best ways to discover the coast. By hiring a kayak, moving along with the waves of coast in tandem with nature would be a lifetime experience. On the route, you will come across many picturesque bays and inlets. Before planning Low Cost Holidays to Costa Brava, prepare yourself for the sport.

Botanical Gardens

The gorgeous gardens with a cascading effect merge into the glorious sea. Adding more glory to the historical castle, terraced gardens houses plants from different parts of the world, further, the sculptures of the world’s renowned artists, adds great beauty to the surroundings. Costa Brava Holidays is all about the soul touching nature.

Wine Tours

Costa Brava is one of the best destinations to taste wine. Take the route of verdant vineyards at Emporda, it is one of the best places to find your true taste. For a blissful experience, hire a bike to disappear into the miles of vineyards. Besides, wine tasting, you will find the museum depicting the production process.

Costa Brava Holidays offers enough scope to merge into the great beauty of nature and glorious Spanish history. Book It Now, offers you the best savings on accommodation and flights.  For best savings on hotels and flights dial 0203 598 4727.

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