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Glimpse the Modernity and Tradition of White Coast on Costa Blanca Holidays

Costa Blanca Holidays

The Costa Blanca or White Coast is located in the province of Alicante, the eastern part of Spain. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. This white headland brings to mind pictures of idyllic beaches and coves in the Valencia region. However, it offers a load of attractions that give a mix of modernity and tradition. With its Historic Castle and the Old Quarter at one side and the long stretch of waterfront on the other side fascinate you to explore. Moreover, Alicante is a gem of Coast Blanca that boasts fine beaches and long history. See the beautiful view from the mountainous castle; reach through the waterfront through the historical part of the town. While you spend a day exploring the city and your night would be exciting in any beachfront bars. So, overall Costa Blanca Holidays combine the various amounts of adventures.

Hop on the Beach in Costa Blanca

One of the most important spots of Costa Blanca, your trip begins with exploring the stunning beaches. The Postiguet Beach sits on the heart of the city, at the base of the Monte Benacantil. This beach has become crowded with locals and tourists, especially the summertime. Relax on the white sandy beach; take a walk through the palm-covered promenade to search for some modern bars and restaurants.

Hit the San Juan Beach

It is situated a bit outside Alicante. San Juan Beach secures a calm and quiet time around the Mediterranean that is something absent in the beaches inside the city. The beach has a huge stretch of sand. Furthermore, there is plenty of space to sit and soak up the sun or to enjoy a long walk through it. One can reach there to take a tram from Alicante city. Explore this beach and its surroundings on Cheap Holidays to Costa Blanca.

Explore the Castillo de Santa Barbara

It is an ancient castle built by the Carthaginians around 400 BC. The Castle sits on the top of the Benacantil Mountain. It is the largest medieval fortresses; offering amazing views of Alicante bay. Go inside the castle and find a museum with numerous collections from different historical periods. No doubt, it is perfect for history buffs.

Discover the Old Town

Wander through Rambla de Méndez Nunez and Explanada de España is the part of the old town. This place still looks like a historical town. It was built as a walled town to prevent the attackers from outside the sea. Furthermore, visit the Old Quarters where you discover many places. Explore its town hall, Concatedral de San Nicolas and Convento de las Monjas de la Sangre on Holidays to Costa Blanca. Stroll through the Plaza del Mar, Calle Labradores, and the Barrio de Santa Cruz to experience the history and modern-day contrast.

Enjoy Beautiful Sunset in Explanada de España

You can watch the sun going down in the Mediterranean from this place. Its long stretch of promenade connects the Puerta del Mar with the Canalejas Park. Moreover, it extends to the port of Alicante.

Visit Terra Mitica

Head to Terra Mitica and enjoy this huge entertainment park. It is located in the town of Benidorm in Alicante. This park has numerous attractions such as water slides, rollercoasters, and swings are available, like the American amusement parks. The architecture of Terra Mitica presents the historic Mediterranean settings from Egypt to Rome and Greece. A day trip to this park is great fun for family and kids.

 Head to Mar Menor

Mar Menor is a fascinating saltwater lagoon in Murcia. And it is also the largest saline inland in Europe. With more than 70 km of length, it is a very popular recreational area. The lagoon contains healing effects and to ease circulatory symptoms. The depth of water is only 2 meters. Moreover, it provides a moderate temperature of 18 degrees Celsius during the entire year. In the present time, saline is still used for salt mines by evaporation.

Furthermore, flamingos and seabreams spot here that you can see these special animals. Apart from this, you would watch the stunning view of the sea.

Venture on the White Coast and explore the mountainous castle to the waterfront on Costa Blanca Holidays. See the amazing deals on Book It Now. For more details, call on: 0203 883 8239.

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