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Cheap Holidays to Portugal | A Pampering Journey on Iberian Peninsula

Cheap Holidays to Portugal

The southeastern European country Portugal is located in the Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. Blessed with glorious climate, wonderful landscapes, sandy coastline, rich culture and heritage, Portugal is a popular tourist destination in the world. The Romans, Moors, and Celts created a great impact on the history of Portugal. Hence, history buffs can explore the past of Portugal at its Roman remnants, Gothic Monasteries, and medieval castles. Further, the spectacular landscape offers great hiking trails and cycling routes while embarking on Cheap Holidays to Portugal. 

Algarve | The Coast of Splendid Resorts

Located in the southernmost of Portugal, Algarve is a very popular destination with spectacular beaches, cities and overlooking cliffs. Faro is the capital city of Algarve and is the gateway to this region. Enclosed by the sturdy defense walls, the old town of Faro introduces the rich past of Algarve. Explore further, to see the splendid cathedral and the museum that houses the excavated treasures of this region. After a stint with history, explore the lagoons and diverse marine life at the natural park at the marina. Furthermore, soak up the sun at Praia de Faro beach and enjoy the sunsets at Quinta do Lago Beach during Portugal Holidays. With wide sandy bays and with the backdrop of sandstone cliffs, Albuferia beaches look stunning. Finally, visit the cosmopolitan coastal resorts at Vilamoura and explore the historical legacy at the prettiest town of Tavira during your stay in Portugal.

Coimbra |Portugal’s Historical Place

Coimbra is the treasure trove of Portugal’s history and it is the home to the oldest university in the country. Sitting high on the banks of Mondego River, The University of Coimbra is a world heritage site. Moreover, the Baroque library at Paco das Escolas has over 2,50,000 volumes of books. In fact, few of the volumes date back to the 15th and 17th centuries also. Furthermore, go to the Machado de Castro National Museum and explore the largest collection of sculpture. Of course, this museum is named after 18th-century sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro. Finally, immerse in the sounds and rhythms of Coibira’s Fado music during the Holidays to Portugal.

The Archipelago of Azores.

Whenever you travel to Portugal, do not forget to visit the archipelago of Azores. This archipelago with nine volcanic islands provides spectacular views and thrills during Low Cost Holidays to Portugal. Actually, these islands are great destinations in the world for whale-watching. Indeed, a stay in the quaint towns of these islands is divinely peaceful. With lakes, ferns and juniper bushes, the largest Sao Miguel is known as the ‘Green Island’ of Azores.

Portugal Cuisine

The cuisine of Portugal is as diverse as its landscape and delicious. The delicacies made with fresh fish and seafood are extensively available in Portugal. Furthermore, the Portuguese dinner ‘Cozido a Portuguesa’ made with beef, pork, and the lamb is a gourmet’s delight. Above all, fresh olives add extra taste to the dishes during the Portuguese Holidays. Portuguese cheeses and desserts taste delicious but do not forget to end your meals with Portuguese Port or Madeira.

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