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Cheap Holidays to Malta – Bask in the Beauty of Mediterranean Island

Cheap Holidays to Malta

Malta is indeed a fairytale Island with sparkling underwater caves, magnificent medieval architecture, and spectacular temples. Cheap Holidays to Malta is a good pick for a fabulous vacation. Tourism is indeed rising steadily; however, there is a flip side as it is resulting in the destruction of traditional houses to built hotels. Nevertheless, the pristine landscape and the rugged coast attract several tourists around the world. In Malta, history is fuse with mythology creating intriguing legends such as the Calypso Cave; and its reference in Homer Odyssey. Malta archipelago had always been amidst battles due to its strategic location. This indeed led to cultural diversity and also enriched their language with Arabic influence. However, English remains the official language along with Maltese. This was perhaps England being the last country to colonize Malta and rule until they got independence in 1964.

Discover the sister Islands Gozo and Comino; Island hopping is a great idea and the mesmerizing blue lagoon would certainly convince any tourist.

Holidays to Malta | Things to do in Gozo

This sister Island is a wonderful blend of nature and archeology. Indeed, the most spectacular place to be on Holidays to Malta. Beaches, historical sites, and mythical caves are few of the magnificent things to indulge on a fascinating vacation.

Ta’ Pinu Basilica

This gorgeous 15th century Church is a wonderful synthesis of spiritual vibes and magnificent setting built over a sea cliff. Watch the magnificent architecture; it is also a major place for cultural activities. The church is an integral religious place for the locals. Tourists can enter the church, and the women folk should be dressed modestly.

Geology and Caves

Explore the geological structures in Gozo Island. The limestone covered Caves are the best places for a diving experience.  The diving caves are Shrimp’s and Coral caves, and also the best place to spot fishes. Explore the non-diving caves such as the famous Calypso Cave which is mythical and exotic.

Ramla Bay

Close to the Calypso Cave is the Ramla Bay which is magnificent. It is idyllic and also sparkling golden sandy bay. During summer the beach crowded, nevertheless there will be enough space to throw a towel and relax.           

Ggantija Temple

This temple complex pre-date Egyptian Pyramids and also the mysterious Stonehenge. These megalithic temples were built 5,500 years before the Pyramids. It belonged to the fertility cult and draws plenty of crowds.

Malta Holidays | Comino Castaway like Experience   

 This tiny island is almost uninhabited, nevertheless, blessed with gorgeous scenic wonders. The Island is 3.5 sq Km. Indeed, the most fascinating Island hopping experience on Malta Holidays.

Blue Lagoon

Head towards the pristine Blue Lagoon which is idyllic. It is surrounded by majestic cliffs and the clear water is enticing for snorkelers. Dive in and discover the magnificent underwater life. Experience the warmth of the water and also rich color.

Cave Diving in Comino

Indeed an enriching experience around this uninhabited Island. The sparkling underwater cave is full of magnificent aquatic life like barracuda, and octopus. Explore the pristine reef underneath the clear water.

Other Intriguing Sightseeing | Cheap Malta Holidays

Discover the culture and archeology on Cheap Malta Holidays. Walk around the old Mdina capital which is brilliantly fortified. There are numerous café and plenty of places to enjoy good food. Any history buff with a specific inclination towards World Wars – Lascaris War Rooms is a place to explore. Check out the underground room and various artifacts that belonged to the world wartime. St. Elmo is a remarkable view and a picturesque sight. It was indeed quite integral to the 15th-century siege of Malta. There are numerous intriguing tales around the fort related to Knights of St- John order and also the Ottoman Empire.

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