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Cheap Holidays to Dalaman – Features Best Beaches of Mediterranean Coast

Cheap Holidays to Dalaman

Dalaman offers an array of activities for a fun-filled adventure. It has beautiful beaches, water parks and great history to share. You can make it to all the attractions with cheap holidays to Dalaman deals. Explore the permeating top places that comprise Marmaris and Bodrum. Before you head for a vacation, these are the few interesting things you must know for a holiday.

Cheap Holidays to Dalaman – Top Things to do on a Vacation

Dalaman boasts pleasant weather. You can book your holidays to Dalaman anytime in a year. But, do not miss to include the below-mentioned things in your bucket list.

Sarigerme Beach

Sarigeme Beach is serene with clean surroundings. Its world-class amenities make it a perfect tourist spot. There are plenty of restaurants to offer the delectable Turkish cuisines. The crystal clear waters are safe for sunbathing and swimming. Do not miss it during a vacation with our cheap holidays to Dalaman deals. We offer you the best savings on all amenities.


The pretty lakeside town is a few minutes away from Dalaman’s center. The secluded town makes your day trip a memorable experience. The farming covers a large area with honey, fruit and Olives plantation. It would be an educational experience for kids.

Samanlik Bay

Dalaman coastline features the most incredible marine life. Hire a boat to explore Samanlik Bay. It also encourages snorkeling activity. The harbor offers an array of activities that comprise sailing and yachting. A family time in the Bay makes your getaway truly memorable experience.

Hot Springs & Baths

People visit the southeast shore to enjoy mud baths in the Lake Koycegiz. The region is rich in bromide, chloride, and sodium with less radioactive exposure. Visitors take a dip to benefit from resourceful minerals. Many believe in the healing properties of the lake.

Rock Tombs

Make use of  Dalaman holiday deals and visit the rock tombs. The magnificent tombs merge into the cliffs offer the most amazing views from the Dalyan River. It looks as if nature has planned to create something new to offer. The tombs date back to ancient times, possibly of Lycian times.

Blue Lagoon

Bask in the great beauty of nature in the natural reserve of Blue Lagoon. The waters are clear and calm, ready to embrace. Definitely, your kids will love this attraction. Your holidays to Dalaman would be a more meaningful one. A perfect day out for complete relaxation.

Cleopatra Island

According to the legend, Cleopatra Island was named after the Egyptian Queen. This island features sandy beaches, olive groves and ancient ruins of Roman times. The atmosphere is tranquil and a great place to explore on a holiday. For more information, dial 0203 883 2847.

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