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Tallinn Holidays – “The Silicon Valley of Europe” Welcomes You on a Pleasure Trip

Tallinn is the holiday hub with plenty full of activities. Above all its attractions, it is also a great learning center. A major center for start-up businesses, as a matter of fact it is literally “The Silicon Valley of Europe.” Historically Tallinn has been the major commercial hub for trade activities. Its geographical location made it prominent location for commerce. Many civilizations left an everlasting impression in this city. A well-planned vacation with our Tallinn Holidays will take you to all the top attractions.

Things to do on Tallinn Holidays

This informative post highlights top things that you must explore on a Tallinn Holidays.

Raekoja Plats – The Tallinn Town Hall

Every visitor must pass through the Tallinn Town Hall. It has been the major centre in the old town since medieval times. The hall is the oldest not only in Estonia but also in the whole Baltics and Scandinavia. This cultural centre becomes busy during peak season. In other words, it is also known as “the heart of the city. A Holiday in Tallinn goes meaningless if you do not spend enough time on a vacation. The square also hosts a wide array of festivals.

Toompea Hill

Toompea is the White House of Estonia because it is the centre of Governance in the country. Besides, it is also a major tourist attraction worth exploring on a Tallinn City Break. Toompea is a dramatic hill, where the old town is located. In addition to political prominence, the destination features buildings of medieval times. You must include it as the top priority on a vacation.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

You must pay extra attracting while visiting an Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. These Orthodox Church interiors feature an ornamental style of architecture. Outlook displays an immense dome structure at the top, smaller ones at the bottom. It is the most noteworthy attraction that you should not miss on a vacation.

Seaplane Harbor Museum

The Museum gives the most compelling evidence of the Maritime history of Estonia. Starting from the Soviet times until modern times, you will find plenty of things worth exploring on a vacation. It features a model of World War II and many historic ships. Besides, the museum also encourages a wide variety of activities for kids too. Seaplane Harbor Museum is the must visit the place on a Tallinn Holidays.


Kunstimuuseum, the largest museum of Baltics features a fantastic collection of Estonian works. It features both contemporary and modern art. This building of modern times is unique and maintains harmony with historical attractions. This is the most remarkable places that you should include while planning a Cheap Holidays to Tallinn.


The coastal city of Tallinn boasts the beaches. You can easily reach there. Pirita is the crowd puller; it attracts thousands of visitors every year. It perfectly fits the requirements of people of all ages. If you love tranquility, Kakumae suits your needs.

There are plenty of attractions that you should explore on Tallinn Holidays. Book It Now provides gorgeous vacation options to make your journey blissful. To know more about great value deals call us at 0203 598 4727.

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