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Barcelona Holidays – Explore Most Enchanting Seaside City in the Spain

Want to find something creative on this planet? Plan a Cheap Holidays to Barcelona. Its breathtaking architecture, extravagant food and pleasant climate will stun you. This glorious seaside city is the blend of man made wonders and natural beauty. So get ready for a Barcelona vacation with your loved ones.

When to Book Your Cheap Holidays to Barcelona ?

Blessed with Mediterranean type of climate. The city is popular for year round sunshine. During summers beaches become a playground for everyone. For an ideal getaway book your Cheap Holidays to Barcelona at any point of time. If you want to escape crowds Spring and Fall would be a perfect choice.

Language and Currency

Catalan is the common language in Barcelona. Learn few basic words for communication. It makes you comfortable on a vacation. The country is part of the European Union, Euro is the standard currency. Have plenty to busy some valuable souvenirs.

Things to do on Barcelona Holidays

There are plenty of attractions to discover on a Barcelona Holiday. Here is the list of top suggestions and things to do in the city.

Sagrada Familia

The city’s iconic sight is the must visit sight on a holiday. The towering structure is the biggest draw. The legendary architect Antoni Gaudi has designed this structure. The construction for the site began in 1882. Still it is being constructed. The target has been to set finish the task by 2026. To commemorate the death anniversary of Gaudi. The must visit site on Barcelona Holidays.

Barri Gòthic

Lose yourself in the narrow winding alleyways of Barri Gothic. Ancient Roman walls, Gothic palaces, stores, cafes and wonderful surroundings. You will get to see the most authentic Spanish culture.

Casa Batlo

Gaudi’s modernist style of architecture reflects in Casa Batlo. The glorious sea was the inspiration for designing this structure. It looks like an underwater cave, do not miss interiors on a Barcelona holiday.

Barcelona Beaches

Walking along the Barceloneta beach will help you know more about the city. There are plenty of restaurants to serve the delectable Spanish food.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is the best place for some gastronomic experience. It is also world’s most famous food market. Every day over 45000 people visit this market. Seafood is popular in the market. With endless stalls and shops you will be spoilt for choice. The most finest cheeses are available at best rates.

Discover the fantastic attractions on Barcelona Holidays with your loved ones. For more information dial us at 0203 598 4727.

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