Cheap Holidays to Antalya – Uncover the beauty of Antalya

Antalya, Turkey’s coastal city houses plenty of beach resorts. A Cheap Holidays to Antalya means you get an impeccable combination of Sun and Sea to explore. The city with cosmopolitan nature is popular for a marina, excellent shopping centers, historical attractions and the towering Taurus Mountains. This article introduces top attractions to visit on an Antalya Holiday.

Top Attractions to explore in Antalya

Antalya’s Best Beaches

People looking for laid-back atmosphere must visit Lara Beach. It is one of the best beaches in Europe. The world sand castle competition are held every year. The shore dazzles with life-size creations and spectacular shows. If you truly want to discover the wonders of nature book  All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya. You can avail great comforts in the foothills of Towering Mountains. There are some amazing hotels offering wonderful views.

Alanya Castle

Get ready for some adventure, if you want to explore Alanya Castle. The hilltop fortress is at three kilometers height. Trekking offers wonderful views, if not hire a car to explore this destination. As the road ends, you will get an opportunity to explore ancient ruins and a Byzantine church which dates back to the 11th century.

Tahtali Mountain

The Mount Tahtali is the perfect place to enjoy cool mountain breezes. You will enjoy stunning views of sandy beaches, on a cable car ride. Skiing is the popular activity in the region.

Karain Cave

The largest carved cave belongs to Cratese period. It is the UNESCO as a world heritage site. The archaeological excavations are exhibited in the Karain Museum. Few articles can also be found at Antalya Museum.

Weather Conditions in Antalya

Antalya is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine. Without any doubt, a holidaymaker can plan a Cheap Holidays to Antalya anytime in a year.

The Turkish cuisine is rich with high nutritional values. The dishes are largely made up of local meat and local ingredients. Do not leave Turkey, before tasting at least few popular dishes that comprise İskender Kebab, Manti (Turkish Ravioli), Mezze, Baklava, Shish Kebab, Turkish Apple Tea, Gözleme, Kumpir, Karniyarik, Pottery Kebab and many more. To know more about Cheap flights and hotels dial 0203 598 4727.

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