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The Turkish Coast “Where the Sun Smiles” (Cheap Holidays to Alanya Deals + Insights)

Alanya Tourism promotes the slogan “Where the Sun Smiles.” In fact this destination has every fine element to stun you and live up to your expectations. The typical Mediterranean climate makes a perfect setting for beach holidays.

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Cheap Holidays to Alanya – Best Time to Visit – Climatic Conditions

The towering Taurus Mountains protect Alanya from Northern winds. It keeps the resort city cool all throughout the year. The destination is blessed with 310 days of sunshine.

Holidays to Alanya would be a thrilling experience. If you are after glorious sun, plan a vacation from June till September.

Things to do on Alanya Holidays

Alanya Castle

Built during medieval age, Alanya Castle is the must thing to do on Alanya Holidays. It carries brief history of the region. The fortress was built in the 18th century, but the fortifications date back to ancient times. Move ahead to explore the harbor and hexagonal tower. It was built in 1226 to protect the Castle.

Local Market

If you want to see the way of life in Alanya, Visit any local market you can buy some valuable souvenirs, get to taste the local favorites. Learn how locals bargain to buy vegetables and fruits. Alanya Holidays provides perfect space to experience the authentic Turkish way of living.

Turkish Hammam

Turkish baths are considered as the great way to relax on a vacation. It is extremely popular since ancient times. Romans passed to next generation of Ottoman Turks. Its an absolute bliss in Hamman rooms. A two-hour massage and bath gives you a complete relaxation.


Enjoy the scenic landscape of Alanya from the Bird’s eye view. Paragliding sport offers best views from the top. This adrenaline pumping activity from 800 meters high creates great memories for the lifetime.

Damlatas Cave

Damlatas Caves is the rare gem on the planet. With high percentage of carbon dioxide and 95% of humidity, it has the capacity to heel asthma. It comprises full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Boat trip

Wander along the scenic coast on large boats of Alanya. They are designed in a unique style and stops in between for swimming and sunbathing. Ensure the activity is included during a vacation with our Cheap Holidays to Alanya.

Alanya Beaches

The top beaches of Alanya are Cleopatra and Damlatas. They create perfect conditions for fun filled holidays. 

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