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Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Turkey – Best Time to Visit Turkey

Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Turkey

Turkey is phenomenal in many ways. Be the natural landscape, gorgeous beaches, and amazing food. It stuns you with every flair element. But, very few people connect with the past. Istanbul was the capital city during Roman rule. Popularly known as Constantinople. The city boasts Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and many wonderful places to explore. To discover magical attractions and many interesting places, book cheap all inclusive holidays to Turkey deals. We provide you the best hotels and flights at cheap rates to make your getaway a memorable experience. This article highlights the top things to do in Istanbul, one of the largest European cities in the world.

Bosphorus Cruise – Turkey Holidays

A Turkey Holiday is not complete without a cruise experience. A Bosphorus cruise offers most amazing views of Asian and European shores. A ride would take you to century-old stunning architecture. The cruise service offers tours during sunset.

Hagia Sophia

The monumental Hagia Sophia carries 2000 years of history. It remained a Church for 926 years, a mosque for 500 years approximately. This iconic structure with amazing architecture is serving as a museum in modern times. It is considered as one of the wonderful achievements in rare architectural styles.

Topkapi Palace

Generations of sultans lived in the Topkapi Palace. With four lush green courtyards housing kiosks and pavilions, making a perfect place for royal families. A must visit site to explore the brilliance of craftsmanship of medieval times. Enjoy breathtaking views of Marmara, Golden Horn, and Bosphorus. Our cheap holidays to Turkey deals makes your vacation a truly memorable event in your life.

Basilica Cistern

The great engineering prowess of Turks reflects in Basilica Cistern. This fantastic place of Byzantine times was built to bring drinking water from Bulgaria to Istanbul. This attraction gives great learning for students coming with parents on a vacation.

Archaeology Museum

The Archaeological Museum houses the world’s most popular antiquities. It is also considered as the gem of the city. The tomb of Alexander featuring the carved designs of various phases of his life. The blue-tiled Karaman Mihrab, the peace treaty of Kadesh and many rare gems of the world.

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The classical museum houses over 40,000 items. There are rooms completely dedicated to the Islamic world. They depict different ages of Islam. The articles reflect the Turkish lifestyle of medieval times. The huge carpets, tents, coffee house and many articles.

Grand Bazaar

The grand bazaar of Istanbul has a long history of 500 years. It is one of the largest bazaars in the world. With 5000 shops covering 60 streets, fountains and eateries, it is the best place to explore on a holiday to Turkey.

Food in Istanbul

Turkish cuisine is extremely popular in the world. Istanbul is a great place to taste authentic local food. You can easily find the best restaurants to serve you delectable kebaps, Meze, Menemen, Iskender Kebap, Adana Kebap and Mantı. On a Turkey holiday do not forget to taste the world-famous Baklava dessert.

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