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Catch the true flavor of Greece with modernity on Sidari Holidays

Sidari Holidays

Sidari is nestled in the northern part of the island of Corfu. This place is also known as the resort destination. Moreover, it is an ideal Greek escape with the full-fun packed spot. With lush interior, serene coastlines, the distinctive rock formation, it is indeed an interesting getaway. Certainly, Sidari Holidays capture the true taste of Greece by adding modernity. Further, the beautiful resort of Sidari will steal your heart when you reach this place. In fact, earlier it was a fishing village that has been transformed into a picturesque resort. This resort offers an abundance of stylish shops and a vibrant nightlife that makes it a perfect vacation spot for families, couples, friends, as well as solo.

Above all, Sidari provides good relaxation through glorious Greek sunshine. Surely, it is a great place for those wanting the warm Mediterranean climate in Sidari. Therefore, get ready and pack your bag and don’t forget to keep the sunscreen with you. Moreover, Sidari has a mild winter, so it is also an ideal place for winters. Explore the things to do in Sidari.

Immerse in the Canal D’Amour

However, it is referred to as the canal by name but it is actually a beach. Moreover, it features a gorgeous location due to several rock formations. It is a nice location to see around natural beauty if you do not sit the whole day on the beach. Furthermore, it offers outdoor activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. If you do not want to be part of the activities, you can stay in the lounge at the beach. This lounge is considered as the Channel of Love and believed to be that if couples swim through the channel will get married after. So, try your luck through this opportunity on Holidays to Sidari.

Hop on Sidari Beach

Sidari includes a large main beach that is recognized to be one of the top beaches on all of Corfu. Apart from lounging on a sea bed, enjoy the lovely weather and scenery. One can also walk on the wooden boards on the sand to enjoying the nature and delectable food. Moreover, the beach is located within walking distance from the area of resorts.

Experience the Water Park

The water park in Sidari is one more attraction. If you get bored with beaches and still love to experience water, then it is a good choice to try. Further, this park offers a variety of water activities like water slides and wave pools. This park is extremely clean that makes it nicer for a day outing. Besides these facilities, it also serves some sunbeds to rent to relax under the sun. Go to this water park with your family and little ones and enjoy through Cheap Holidays to Sidari.

Visit the Bar

Sidari is not only a spectacular village, but it has also some nice bars. Exploring these bars is worthwhile. Further, find its Siesta Bar, Mojitos, the Vine, and the Bolero Irish Bar and make them worth visiting. There are plenty of bars in this area. Choose any as per your choice.

Explore the Corfu Town

Corfu Town is a quite historical place and listed as the UNESCO Site. Moreover, it is an awe-inspiring town too. Venetian ruled here from the 14th century to the late 18th century. So, Venetian architecture can still be discovered on the island especially in the capital of Corfu town. The Venetian style buildings, two fortresses, narrow little lanes, as well as many restaurants will make your exploration complete in Corfu Town.

Explore the Ancient Monastery

Corfu Island comprises around 800 churches and Monasteries. The Vlacherna Monastery and Monastery of Paleokastritsa are two of them. The Vlacherna Monastery lies in the water of the island. This island connects the mainland by a stone bridge which passes the bay.

Indulge in Olive Oil Tasting

Olive oil is a major part of their food, traditions, and history. Greeks have been using throughout the ages. So, olive groves give an opportunity for olive oil tasting. It is one of the most exciting things to do there. It is not only delicious but also has wonderful health benefits as well.

Venture out on resort destination of the island of Corfu and enjoy the Greek flavor on Sidari Holidays. Book It Now brings some fabulous deals with a huge discount, choose and book a blissful holiday. For more details call on: 0203 883 2847.

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