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Balearic Islands – Very Cheap Holidays Deals to Majorca

The group of Gorgeous Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea makes up the Balearic Islands. They are the major tourist spots, draws in a large number of travelers as holidaymakers. Our very cheap holiday deals include the visit to smaller islands like Menorca, Majorca, Formentera, Ibiza, and other major attractions. Cabrera, the smallest of Balearic is the home for popular Parc Nacional de l’Arxipelag de Cabrera. All the beaches of Spanish Archipelago are crowd pullers, they fascinate people with an amazing backdrop of mountains, clips and green hills. The stunning Balearics are excellent for family-friendly holidays, tranquil holidays and romantic holidays.

The tourism industry welcomes you with multiple package options, from budget-friendly to luxury stylish hotels. Very Cheap Holiday deals will further make your choice cheaper and comfortable.

Explore Majorca’s Trendy Cities and Towering Mountains

Majorca Island is the favorite of thrill seekers, people arrive on this stunning island to spend magical moments of their life. There are plenty of hotels along the southern coastline to accommodate holidaymakers. Its beaches and mountains invite travelers to experience something new on Cheap Holidays. They encourage a range of watersports and adventures on a holiday. Visit the trendiest city, Palma to explore the way of life and culture on Majorcan Holidays.

Ibiza Island – The world’s Party Capital

Ibiza has tremendous natural beauty to offer in the form of natural landscape which comprises mountains, crystal clear waters, and lovely beaches. The vibrant party culture in the destination is amazing and brings in travelers from all corners of the world. The island’s outlook, diverse landscape, and biodiversity have been recognized by UNESCO. It is listed in the world’s heritage list.


The Smallest of Balearics is famous for beaches and white sands. Ferry service from Ibiza Island will take you to this island. Though it is not a party-friendly destination, people looking for tranquility usually visit Formentera on Cheap holidays. This destination is excellent for beach holidays and its town Es Pujols is the prominent beach place to visit on a holiday.

Menorca and Cabrera Islands

Menorca, the most beautiful Balearic Island is serene with unspoiled beaches, amazing architecture and traditional towns. To experience the astonishing landscape, people escape to this stunning island using Very Cheap Holidays. Cabrera, being one of the smallest of Balearics, it is the major attraction with a natural harbor, cruising opportunity. There are numerous places to explore on this smaller island.

The Balearic Islands are excellent for a thrilling holiday experience. Whether you want to holiday under the sun or visit some historical sites Cheap Holidays will always help you land your dream destination for memorable escapes. For more details on Cheap Holidays package call us on 0203 598 4727.

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