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How Austria Holidays are Blissful, Unique and Stunning

Austria Holidays

Austria is a landlocked country in Europe with jaw-dropping natural wonders, awe-inspiring Alps, beautiful lakes and lush green meadows. Venture out on Austria Holidays to explore the underground chambers, ice palaces, and marvelous museums and culture that is charming. From world-renowned to small cultural gatherings, Austria celebrates over 200 festivals in a calendar year.  As home to the greats like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, the capital city Venice embraces the visitors with intellectual and artistic legacy. Furthermore, the city houses several imperial structures like the Schonbrunn Palace and the ‘Habsburgs’ palace. In addition, the epic hikes along the mountainous paths and bird’s eye view from the cable cars present blissful views on a holiday.

Though it is a landlocked country, the water bodies in Austria have excellent options for boating, fishing, and surfing. So, pick a deal to embrace the memories of Austria with delicious sips of dry white wine.

Visit the Ice Caves

It seems like nature has made Austria its canvas to draw some of its spectacles on its landscape. The underground ice caves look otherworldly in this nation with wonderful shapes of limestone and ice. Visit the Eisriesenwelt natural limestone and ice cave formations at Werfen. This is just 40 KM away from Salzburg’s city. The dazzling shapes of ice and limestone captivate everyone on Holidays to Austria. These 42 KM stretch of caves is indeed the largest of this type in the world. And also, visit the caves near Obertraun and Upper Austria for similar intriguing experiences.

Discover Human skulls at Eerie Eggenburg Underground Charnel

Located at St Stephen Church and dating back to the 14th century, the Eggenburg Charnel looks eerie with over 5000 human remains. The pile of human skulls placed between the long bones of arms and legs are arranged behind the glass. One can view these skeletal remains from a safe distance. In fact, this provides a unique experience on a holiday.

Look at the Alps from the Clouds

The snow-capped Alps look amazing in Austria. In fact, the cable car rides present panoramic views of these mountains from the clouds. Starting from Innsbruck, the Nordkette cable car ride takes one behind the clouds. This is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful landscapes and authentic alpines. And also, there are several places to experience the thrills in the mid-air from doppelmayr and Tyrolean Zugspitze cable car rides on Family Holidays to Austria.

Dare to walk the Stairway to Nothingness

Take a 1.5-hour drive from the city of Salzburg to experience the most stunning moments of your life. The Stairway to Nothingness gives the adrenaline gushes as well as tranquil views of nature. Indeed, walking to the endpoint of this suspension bridge in the Austrian Alps should be a must in the bucket list on Low Cost Holidays to Austria. Indeed, it is not surprising to say that this way to nothingness challenges even the person with nerves of steel.

Find your Beach at Lake Erlaufsee

Austria might be a landlocked country, but the crystal clear waters and soft sands at the bank of Lake Erlaufsee fulfill the beach bums desire. And also, this is also a great spot to indulge in water sports like surfing. However, the serene surroundings with picturesque views of the mountains elevate the joys on Cheap Holidays to Austria.  Besides, this lake offers memorable experiences of boating and fishing on a holiday.

Buy the things available only in Austria

No holiday is complete without buying the souvenirs or gifts which ubiquitous to that destination. And Austria boasts many such unique things which are only available in this part of the land. From chocolates to jams and from watches to hats, there are certain things exclusive to this nation. The Lichterloh Watches, Muhlbauer Hats, Zotter Chocolate and Meinl’s Jam are only available in this country. And also, one can buy the exclusive pieces of lobmeyr glass and verities of pumpkin oil only in Austria.

Meet the celebrities at the Festivals of Austria

From world-famous festivals to musical celebrations, Austria celebrates over 200 musical and cultural festivals in a year. Austria turns Vienna into a world dance stage with ImPulsTanz Dance Festival. During this festival, Vienna turns in to a stage of many international artists and cultures. And, the city of Salzburg hosts international celebrities in the fields of politics and economy with the Salzburg Festival. In addition, Austria celebrates the nature with Tyrolean Festival at Tyrolean Mountains. Similarly, one can venture out on All Inclusive Holidays to Austria at any point of a year, to experience the traditional and cultural fiestas and carnivals of this fascinating nation.

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