Athens Holidays

Athens Holidays – Revolve Around the Classical Era of Greece

Athens, the city of classical Greek era is not a physical entity, but an idea of wisdom. Many learning systems, philosophies evolved from this part of planet. The prominence of them is still highly valued in the world. Its great architecture, cultural values, literature, and extravagant food culture have always created great interest among the people. People visiting this city to explore the scenic landscape is not a new concept. Since historical times this magnificent city is the top favorite. Athens Holidays, even in the present times its prominence is highly valued. The country boasts fantastic tourism infrastructure that perfectly suits all sorts of holidaymakers. You can comfortably explore this magnificent city at any point in time in a year. Planning a Cheap Holidays to Athens in advance further brings great savings to pleasure seekers.

Top Attractions to Explore on Athens Holidays

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum, located in heart of Athens city. It is possibly one of the best museums in the world to discover. The artifacts of ancient times and many archaeological findings are on display. The carved statues from Erechtheion and ruins from Parthenon are found here. It is also the most preferred sight in the country. Apart from exploring, there are some best eateries to serve you the best Greek food. This site holds a very prominent place in the tourism landscape of Greece. While planning Athens Holidays ensure that the museum is in the priority list. In addition, to other transport means, you can reach here through a metro line.


Discover life in the ancient neighborhood of Plaka. You can feel the great ambiance of Greek life, though the destination is completely residential. The café culture and restaurants brings in new charm to the reality of past. Walk through the winding streets, to discover excellent shops and clubs. Moreover, if you are after some great clubbing in the glorious city, it is the perfect spot to involve yourself. Probably, the best place to shop and buy some valuable souvenirs. Allot a complete day exploring this sight, on your Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Athens. The other top attractions and metro station is easily accessible from the destination.


Parthenon is the great engineering marvel of Greek’s ancient world. Located at the towering height on the hill possibly offers the best views of the city. In reality, it witnessed centuries of civilizations pass through. Moreover, this landmark sight is the living example of glorious times of the country. The columns with imposing look were the safe houses of treasure. It reminds the classical times, where all the legendary kings and personalities merged into timeless civilization on this land. It requires a complete day to explore this magnificent structure. If you seek the help of a guide on your Holidays to Athens, you will discover many fascinating tales about the attractions.

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens is the true symbol of Greece, a sight that evokes the impression of ancient glory. Parthenon is part of the citadel; the other prominent buildings comprise the Erechtheion, the Propylaia, and the Temple of Athena Nike. Proudly, standing above 150 meters above the sea level, the Citadel is the live example of Hellenistic era, which existed centuries ago. Furthermore, the finest example of a rare engineering style that inspired many other erected structures in the world. If you want to live in the ancient world for some time, start early in the morning, on your Low Cost Holidays to Athens, to discover this sight. The moment you reach the top, possibly you realize the beauty of great engineering.

The National Archaeological Museum

Museum gives a different world view of the past, inspires to build something new. When it comes to the National Archaeological Museum of Greece, it reflects the rich taste of Greeks. Centuries old artifacts and the figures depicting Greek mythology, moreover antiques from other classic civilizations are on display. Bronze statue, Agamemnon mosque, Aphrodite statues, and several other structures are on display. Apart from ancient Greek civilization, the museum gives you a glimpse of numerous other civilizations.

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