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All Inclusive Holidays to Gran Canaria – The Great Island of Dogs

All Inclusive Holidays to Gran Canaria

Literally, Gran Canaria means “The Great Island of Dogs.” You cannot imagine a vacation in the dog world. But, this marvelous island with a surreal landscape is a great place to explore. It is part of the Canary Group of Islands. Its scenic beaches and mountainous landscape make up a surreal world. Every year millions flock to explore this island. Discover our cheap all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria for a comfortable vacation. Our comprehensive deals ensure great savings. We bring you Cheap Hotels, Flights and world-class dining at a single price. Go through the below important points to remember before you travel.

Holidays to Gran Canaria – Visit Anytime

Gran Canaria is pretty close to North Africa. The climate is warm compared to mainland Spain. From May till November the average temperature is 24 degrees, December to April the climate is cool. It is the perfect year-round destination. Book your cheap all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria anytime to explore this destination.

Things to do in Gran Canaria Holidays

Scuba Diving

Gran Canaria features amazing biodiversity. You will find colorful fishes, sea turtles playing their games in the glorious Atlantic Sea. This is a great destination for diving. There are plenty of diving academies to train you.

Hike Caldera de Bandama and Roque Nublo

The well preserved Caldera de Bandama makes up the mountainous landscape of Gran Canaria. It offers a spectacular hiking experience. Carry sturdy boots to wander through Crater formed during pre-historic times. It offers great learning to visitors to geology. Roque Nublo is a popular hiking spot. It offers sweeping views of the island. The lunar landscape is a fantastic place to explore on a vacation.


Crowned as one of the longest beaches in Gran Canaria, Maspalomas is impeccable to discover sand dunes and fragile ecosystems. Desert like a landscape, a beach and crystal clear waters will definitely stun you on a vacation.

Water Sports

Holidays to Gran Canaria take your vacation to new heights. The island is extremely popular for water sports. Pick the best activity that comprises sailing, Scuba diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, and many other activities. The climate perfectly suits all the activities. Get ready for great adventure with all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria deals.

Pueblo Canario

The traditional Canarian lifestyle reflects in Pueblo Canario village. It is the best place to visit on Gran Canaria holidays. The soul of Spanish culture is visible in the town. Live performances, folk music is played and galleries feature different art forms.

Sioux City

Sioux City, the Western-themed park attracts visitors with spectacular shows. Cowboys, a variety of fun-filled activities, chases and duels make this spot a fantastic place to discover.

Food in Gran Canaria

Taste the most authentic Canarian cuisine in Gran Canaria. Apart from native cuisines, try national favorites that comprise Paella and Tapas. There are plenty of traditional and international restaurants to serve you delectable food.

There are plenty of attractions to discover on cheap all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria vacation. For more information on cheap flights and hotels dial 0203 883 2847.

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