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Holidays to Larnaca – The most pleasant holiday hotspot in Cyprus

Larnaca is the third largest city of Cyprus. Its history dates back to ancient times. The popular resort town boasts a rich culture and heritage. Its pleasant climate draws in travelers every year. Book your All Inclusive Holidays to Larnaca deals for amazing savings.

Larnaca offers a plenty of things to do. However, to perfectly fit week long vacation. This post highlights top attractions in the city.

Larnaca Holidays – Discover Stunning Beaches and Fantastic Attractions

Larnaca Holidays are extremely popular for diving experience. You can find plenty of spots and a range of diving schools in the city. This is the year round destination for adventurous hearts. The Swedish ferry which was capsized and sank off  the coast. The wreck of Zenobia is the divers hub. The height of the wreck has been just 18 meters and perfect for diving.

Larnaca Salt Lake

The salt lake is the most popular place to discover on Larnca Holidays. The impressive sight is spread across 4000 acres. Eighty five rare species add great aesthetic value to this site. Visit this spot is during January and February months. Thousands of flamingos flock to make the site most appealing. The lake dries during summers and the salt occupies surface area.

Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement

Grab your All Inclusive Holidays to Larnaca deals to explore Neolithic sites. The Choirokoita neolithic settlement site is the world heritage site. It dates back to ancient times. But, the time of human evolution is relatively unknown.

Ancient Kition

Ancient Kition – Located exactly in the North-West region of the city. This prominent site creates historical vibe and take you into the past. There are plenty of articles that dates back to ancient times.


Marina is the most spectacular place to explore in Larnaca. The shore harbors a yacht for sailing. It is the wonderful place for yachting experience. The area is scenic with palm trees and best restaurants.


Cyprus coast is impressive with gorgeous beaches. The top beaches comprise Alaminos, Phinikoudes and Mckenzie. Grab our exciting Cheap Holidays to Larnaca deals to explore scenic beaches.

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