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5 Must Things to Do on Cheap Lisbon Holidays

Cheap Lisbon Holidays

Let the dreams come true in the capital city of Portugal with Cheap Lisbon Holidays. Lighten up your souls this spring and enjoy the late-night dining during long warm summers. Lisbon is not only one of the oldest cities of Europe, but also a colorful global city on the planet. Explore the glistening black and white mosaic tiles that are found at every step of the city. Wander through the high streets of the charming old Alfama. The view of the imposing Sao Jorge Castle, pastel-colored buildings and Tagus Estuary make it a worthy stroll in the old town. Furthermore, experience the rich cafe culture and visit the towns of Estoril and Cascais to revel on the south-facing beaches of Atlantic. When the sun sets into the sea, the soothing soulful fado music fills the air in the evenings.

Walk the Steep Streets of Alfama District on Cheap Holidays to Lisbon

Sloping between Sao Jorge Castle and Tagus River, Alfama is the oldest town in the city. It should be a must on the itinerary of Cheap Holidays to Lisbon. The narrow winding cobbled alleyways take you through the huddling pastel color buildings. Apart from that, the remains of the old walls and hidden squares make it a rich traverse through the medieval past of the city. These steep streets offer excellent views to capture picture-perfect photographs. Most important of all, the guided walking tours in the scenic Alfama passes through Campo das Cebolas, Casa dos Bicos, the Portas do Sol, Lisbon Cathedral and Sao Jorge Castle.

Catch the Tram 28

Catching the Tram 28 should be a must-do activity during Cheap Lisbon Holidays. Passing through several prominent attractions, this vintage vehicle connects Martim Moniz with Campo Ourique. Going up and down the hills, the beautiful yellow tram passes through the narrow streets of touristic districts of Graca, Alfama, Baixa and Estrela. Certainly, the journeys in these old remodeled beauties give a unique feeling while exploring Portugal’s coastal city.

Visit the Belem Tower

If you ever land in this city with a Low Cost Holidays deal, the one thing that must be weaved into the itinerary should be the Belem Tower. Defining the skyline of the city, this tower sits pretty well right at the mouth of Tagus River. Certainly, this 16th century UNESCO world heritage site has exquisite mix of Gothic, Moorish, Mudejar and Romanesque architecture. Above all, the magical seafront adorns the beauty of this old structure.

Hit the Best Beaches in Lisbon

Whether it could be just for relaxing, partying or can be purely for fun, Lisbon has some of the best beaches in the world. Lapped by glistening turquoise waters, the beaches of the city are surrounded by rugged cliffs and coves. Mainly, this part of dazzling coastline has got some of the top surfing spots in Europe. Located close to the railway station and Estoril casino gardens, Tamariz is the most accessible beach in the city. Here, one can splash in the ocean pool and party till dawn getting binge in the night clubs. Similarly, Carcavelos beach is ideal for entertainment and water sports. Hit the Meco Beach to spend the Beach Holidays in peace. Finally, Figueirinha Beach is best for families and kids, while Galapos Beach presents the pristine beauty of nature.

Relish the Typical Lisbon Cuisine

Like all the Portuguese, the people of Lisbon love fresh fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. Simultaneously, the capital consumes the meats of pork, goat, partridge, quail and rabbit extensively. Mostly, the city cooks Codfish in many ways and is served as one of the typical dishes of Portugal. Simultaneously, the cafe culture of the city ensures some delicious sips of coffee. Remember this country produces large verities of wine. Hence, keep your spirits always high on Lisbon Holidays with tingling tastes of reds and whites.

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