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5 Beautiful Cities to Visit on Morocco Holidays

Morocco Holidays

Lapped by azure waters of Atlantic and the balmy Mediterranean sea, Morocco exudes charm and warmth on the northern part of Africa. Housing the beautiful mountain ranges of Atlas and Rif, it has got miles of shimmering beaches along its coast. Most importantly, the beauty of this nation is not just in its landscapes but also in its cities. Besides, each one of these cities and towns is thriving with their own unique ambiance and cultures. Hence, one can choose Morocco Holidays to explore each one of these colorful towns.  Besides, the wonderful historical souks of Medina in Marrakech and the 12th-century royal fort of its capital Rabat provide much diversity when one venture’s out on a holiday.

Spend Holidays in Morocco in 5 Beautiful Cities


Marrakech Holidays

If anyone thinks of going to Morocco, the city of Marrakech will definitely be in the bucket list of all. The UNESCO world heritage sites, the windings streets and the Marrakesh Medina in the old town draw millions every year. Furthermore, one can find the aromatic spices and the Moroccan mint tea at all corners of the city. At one end the beautiful snow-capped mountains give the most authentic views. While the shifting sands of Sahara offer quad bike safaris and stargazing in the desert. Apart from that, visit the Jemaa el-Fnaa for entertainment with the snake charmers and storytellers. Equally important, it is a great place to dine and have relaxing Holidays in Morocco with steam baths.


Asilah Holidays

Asilah, the gorgeous seaside town in the northern part of Morocco thrived as a busy trade route during the times of Phoenicians. It was even ruled by the Portuguese till 17th century. Hence, it has got a very rich and varied history. Alternatively, the Portuguese fort sitting pretty on the hills has beautiful whitewashed houses which are continuously being an inspiration to the world artists. Certainly, a great place to mix the sightseeing on Cheap Holidays to Morocco with sea, cliffs and ancient sites.


Agadir Holidays

One cannot talk about Cheap Morocco Holidays without mentioning the stunning coastal resorts of Agadir. Millions throng to this part of the country to soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquil beach moments on a getaway. Besides, the pubs, bars and clubs extend the horizon of happiness on a holiday. Subsequently, the warm winters make it a popular winter sun destination who wants to escape the gloom of the cold season. Mainly, it is also a great place to enjoy a wide range of music, delicious food and buy beautiful souvenirs back home.


Casablanca Holidays

Hit on low cost holidays to Morocco to find the amazing French architecture on the Moroccan land. This cosmopolitan city is not only the largest but also the main commercial centre of the beautiful nation. The stunning Hassan II Mosque is the iconic structure of the metropolis. Above all, it is the ideal place to taste the most delicious fish delicacies. Moreover, the beautiful beach of Ain Diab provides exotic times at the seafront. It is the hottest spot in the city where one can find the famous hotels, bars and restaurants. And it is idyllic place for those who want to shop till they drop in its commercial malls.


Tangier Holidays

Located closest to the coast of Spain, Tangier is the multicultural city in Morocco. One can even see the Spanish and other European architectural styles on several of its structures. Indeed, this is a great destination for cruise ships and other world tourists, especially from Spain. Most importantly, the great international artists, writers and musicians like Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin travel to this place very often.

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