Christmas Holidays Greece 2017

Celebration of Christmas with Ancient Traditions

When Christmas Holidays 2017 approach Celebration of Christmas with Ancient Traditions, Greece illuminates from its main cities to islands. The celebrations reflect the ancient traditions and lifestyle of Greeks. In the month of December, gift shops, homes of people are in a festive mood, family feasts are common everywhere in the world’s ancient civilization.

Christmas Holidays in Athens City 2017

Athens has been emerging as the world’s top class city for visiting when it comes to Christmas celebrations. It holds the tag Christmas destination, the winter season is shining and you will share fairytale of your favorite holidays. How Greeks celebrate Christmas Holidays is unique in many ways. There are plenty of historical sites and museums, open-air day celebrations are quite common in Athens. It is really interesting to know few facts before heading for a Christmas Holidays in Greek Island.

Five best things to do on Christmas Holidays 2017

  1. Experience the holiday vibe in the Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square, considered as the heart of the city, where Christmas tree is lit with blue and white colored lights. The ambiance is perfectly set up with a range of decorations and lights. Concerts are organized in the surrounding areas as part of Christmas 2017 celebrations.

2) Buy Christmas Gifts in Athens

Stroll down to city’s largest shopping pavement Ermou, for Christmas Celebrations 2017. It is one of the unique places to buy memorable souvenirs back home. There are plenty of artisan shops to discover in the Monastiraki district of Greece. For a designer, a shopping visits the streets of Kolonaki and Voukourestiou districts of Athens.

3) Shop at Christmas Bazaars

European Christmas markets are iconic symbols for glamorous markets, local vendors sell everything from soaps, jewelry, and traditional Greek product. The bazaars in metro stations are intriguing during Christmas Holidays in Greece 2017, where numerous shops are set up for public consumption.

4) Christmas Festivals 2017 for Children

No doubt Athens is picturesque for everyone, specifically for children, Christmas factory is a unique model. It gives a chance to kids to write letters to Santa and meet him personally. The kingdom of Santa Claus is another attraction, which is beautifully themed for encouraging various sports activities to kids.

5) Discover Ancient Greece

Exploring Greece during the festive season is also the excellent thing to do on a Christmas Eve 2017. The Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum are two wonderful places to be discovered on a Cheap Holidays package.

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